A product we believe in.

Flywheel started in 2012 with a simple mission - to improve the lives of the millions of web designers & developers worldwide that build sites on the WordPress platform.

Badass, global customers.

Thousands of designers from every corner of the globe use Flywheel each and every day to launch beautiful WordPress sites for their clients. From tiny blogs to sites getting millions visitors each month, we’ve got ‘em. And we love each and every one of them.

  • Flywheel removes the confusing, frustrating, and sometimes scary aspects of running a Wordpress site.

    Phil Smart Geelong, Australia

    Phil Smart, Flywheel customer
  • Absolutely lightning fast — page loads and customer service. Love recommending Flywheel and using their service!

    Vineeta Greenwood London, United Kingdom

    Vineeta Greenwood, Flywheel customer
  • Flywheel has made client hosting so much easier and a lot more stress-free, allowing me to focus on creating a good design.

    Ross Merrit Wincanton, United Kingdom

    Ross Merrit, Flywheel customer
  • I’ve told so many people about how great my experience has been so far. I even told my girlfriend and she was all, 'WTF is hosting?'

    Bob Schuster St. Louis, MO

    Bob Schuster, Flywheel customer

Small team. Huge scale.

Our team of WordPress experts, designers, developers and infrastructure gurus may be small – but boy are we mighty. Our team supports millions of visitors to our customers’ sites each and every day, with custom tools and processes that make our lives easier and our quality unmatched.

Design matters.

We’re on a mission to humanize hosting — you won’t see any pictures of server racks around here. We believe that the days of the nasty robotic hosting company are gone. At Flywheel we celebrate design, beauty and experience at every turn — from the images on our site, to the experience of calling support — design is more than a thin veneer.

Flywheel dashboard Flywheel dashboard

More than great hosting.

Flywheel empowers designers and developers to focus on what they do best — build beautiful, functional sites for their clients. We do this with our combination of software, friendly expert support, and rock-solid infrastructure. At Flywheel, "great hosting" is just the beginning.

Community focus.

Whether it’s the design community, the WordPress community, or the community of startups and entrepreneurs in the Silicon Prairie — we strive to be active and productive members and vocal advocates. We give our time, money and resources to help raise the tides for everyone involved.

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