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Marketing Analyst

Marketing Department | Omaha, NE

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As a marketing analyst at Flywheel, you’ll provide the data and insights to help the marketing team reach new heights! You’ll leverage data across finance, sales, and marketing to reveal trends and optimize our global efforts. This will include monitoring, analyzing (hey, it’s in the title), and reporting on the performance of our website and campaigns by tracking conversions and making recommendations for how to improve them.

We are looking for an exceptional data expert whose analysis will help explain trends and identify opportunities. The ideal candidate for this role requires someone with the ability to solve problems, deliver meaningful business insights and actionable recommendations, drive audience and revenue growth, and perform hands-on analyses and modeling.

This role also sits in a sweet spot on our demand gen team, and will also work very closely with the sales team to keep an eye on the convert/close stages of our sales cycle. This includes keeping a keen eye on MQL/SQL quotas, lead buckets, and close rates to ensure that lead quantity and quality is in tip-top shape!

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Think you're a perfect fit?

Here's just a little taste of what we're looking for

You're a solid fit for this position if...
  • Are an inquisitive individual with a strong attention to detail and a love for accuracy
  • Have a proven ability to solve problems, learn quickly, and work independently
  • Love to move quickly and efficiently
  • Live by a “work smarter, not harder” philosophy
  • Have experience with Google Analytics & Data Studio, Hubspot, and/or can just teach themselves how to work with a new tool or piece of software
  • Can deliver complicated and/or technical messages in ways that are easily understood and appreciated
Our idea of a perfect candidate is someone who...
  • Has an “architect”-like mindset: as a newer role on the team, you’re free to build the future of marketing analytics at Flywheel!
  • Can find gaps and opportunities and suggest findings where improvements can be made
  • Can help build a culture of confidence and excitement around data
  • Believes they can make a huge impact on the team, even in the first few weeks of the role
  • Is incredibly comfortable digging into economic data like CPA, LTV, CAC, churn, and more
  • Hears the words “multi-channel attribution” and gets excited :)
This role will be responsible for...
  • Helping track the success of the marketing team’s KPIs and goals, and developing processes to review them and recommendations for ways to improve performance
  • Conducting deep-dive analyses into trends, successes, issues, and opportunities and make recommendations to key stakeholders on the marketing team and within the business
  • Designing and generating weekly reports to share internally, and monthly board reports/retro reports as needed
  • Engaging and working with sales, marketing, operations, and finance to effectively serve data and analytics needs, uncover growth opportunities, and give us more of a full-picture view for decision-making
  • Driving campaign insights that enable the demand generation team to understand the performance of campaigns and initiatives, and working with stakeholders across marketing to improve the ROI and impact of their initiatives
  • Helping us build attribution, lead scoring, and demand generation models and making tweaks to those models as needed

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Meet the Marketing team!

These are the lovely people you'd work with every day.

  • Marketing Analyst Josh Masen Front-End Engineer
  • Marketing Analyst Morgan Smith Content Manager
  • Marketing Analyst Jamie Bell Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Analyst Bryan North Designer
  • Marketing Analyst Ashley Anderson Marketing Strategist
  • Marketing Analyst Kimberly Bailey Photographer
  • Marketing Analyst Brittany Pollock Content Coordinator
  • Marketing Analyst Kacie Hughes Content Coordinator
  • Marketing Analyst Rese Wynn Marketing Intern
  • Marketing Analyst Laurel Oetken Project Coordinator