10 YouTube channels you should subscribe to

10 YouTube channels you should subscribe to Seriously, go subscribe right now.

How many times have you looked up a YouTube video to teach yourself how to get through a roadblock in a project? No one’s judging if it’s a daily thing.

With technology changing overnight, it’s faster to sit through a five-minute video tutorial for a specific task than to try to educate yourself on every facet of a new piece of software. Google is certainly a web designer’s friend for that, but what about all the stuff you’ve never even thought to Google?

That’s where subscribing to YouTube channels comes in handy. Consider adding a few of these designer-friendly channels to your self-education syllabus:

Graphic design

For general graphic design content, you can take your pick among several different styles of designers on YouTube. Here are just a few that have their own unique appeal:

  • Karen Kavett. She updates her graphic design/DIY channel once a week for over 100,000 subscribers. Oh, and she also designed a book set for author John Green.
  • Justin Seeley. On staff at Lynda.com, Justin doesn’t update frequently, but the Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop tutorials he’s got on his channel are worth keeping on standby.
  • Will Paterson. Who doesn’t want to hear a beanie-wearing Brit rant on about why you shouldn’t use Photoshop for vectorized logo designs?
  • James Victore. He’s less about tutorials and more about how to keep doing this damn creative thing called design. James updates frequently, answering questions from other designers about things like burnout and finding voice.

Web development

If you’ve got a specific dev task in mind, you could always Google it. You’ll still probably wind up on one of these channels though:

  • The New Boston. You could get lost for days in these archived playlists of everything from iOS tutorials, game development, and even… physics lessons? Yup. Got them,  too.
  • PHP Academy. Step right up if you’re interested in tutorials about all things PHP, like working with CSS, PayPal, and Amazon.
  • Derek Banas. Here you and over 200,000 other subscribers can find tutorials on everything from Java to Python to Android to… vegan recipes. Not kidding about that one.


Every designer needs a helping hand with the behemoth that is Photoshop sometimes. Fortunately, these channels are here to help:

  • Photoshop. Well, of course the software has its own YouTube channel. It’s updated sporadically, but it’s still the place to start with walk-throughs, sneak-peeks, and new features tutorials.
  • Pixel for Life. Or “pfltuts,” as it’s somewhat distractedly titled on YouTube. New Photoshop tutorials appear several times per month and are super specific. Want to know how to create the MRP rating box for video games? You got it.
  • UnluckyLion. I absolutely love the juxtapositions in this channel. Vasco is a population biologist in Germany, and he’s showing you how to put Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to good use for the sake of the sciences. It’s mesmerizing.

Now, I know I missed at least one person’s favorite channel out there. Tell me what it is, won’t you? Let’s curate a good list in the comments!

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