12 free social media icon sets

12 free social media icon sets

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When you’re designing a website for a client, social media icons probably aren’t very high on your to-do list. They’re a literally very small element, and overall not that important to the content of a website. So, you can just throw any old icon on there, right?

Well, technically you can, but why wouldn’t you take advantage of them as one more opportunity to brand your site? Social media icons that match the style of a website are like garnishes on a plate of beautifully prepared food. Does it have to look that nice? No — it doesn’t change the food, just like your choice of social media icon doesn’t affect the functionality of your site. But it sure does make the experience that much better.

You can always create your own icons to make them match a site perfectly. But what if you don’t have time for that? No worries. There are so many free icon sets out there that there’s absolutely no reason not to go the extra mile. Just don’t get overwhelmed by all the options, stick to your brand, and you’ll be set.

The professional

So let’s say you’re building a site for a very professional, no-nonsense company. You obviously don’t want anything too crazy, just subtle, minimalistic icons. Stick to simple styles like these:

The artist

If you’re designing an artsy site, making your own DIY icons would obviously look crazy awesome and could truly reflect the artist’s work. But if you need a quicker solution, check these out:

The retro fan

What if you’re taking it back a couple decades and making a site with a retro vibe? Well, this is your chance to use some of those slightly wacky icons out there. Check out these retro looks:



The environmentalist

If you’ve got a client who’s all about the environment, why not give them some earthy icons? While these might be more literal than what you’re going for, they certainly illustrate a specific image:



The funlover

If you’re designing for a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously, let loose with the icons you choose. Try fun and quirky options like these:



The old-timer

Need a more classic look? Try these vintage icons to help set that old-time look of your site:



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