5 free invoice generators for designers on a budget

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Getting paid is an essential part of freelancing or running a small design business. You don’t want to work for free, so you’ll need a plan for invoicing your clients and following up to ensure you actually get the money you’ve earned.

While you could just whip up an invoice template on your computer, there are benefits to using an online invoice generator. These tools can help you save time, remember to send payment reminder emails, and provide a professional image for your business.

With an abundance of free invoice generators in today’s marketplace, you don’t have to spend anything to get quality invoicing services. If you’re bootstrapping your business and can’t yet justify paying a monthly fee to create invoices, here are five of the best free invoice generators for you to compare.

1. Wave


Setting up an account with Wave is simple. Once you have your account, you can start customizing your invoice. You can import your logo and key information, then begin adding client contact information and the services you offer. Then each invoice will be simple to create, edit, and approve.

You can set the due dates on each invoice, and opt to send payment reminders at selected intervals. Your clients can pay you directly through Wave, or you can manually record a payment once it has been made. You can also connect your bank account to help track payments and expenses.

The Wave dashboard is user-friendly and provides important information at a glance. You can see any outstanding invoices, what you’ve earned year-to-date, and a financial snapshot of income and expenses.

2. Elorus


If you only have a few design clients, a forever free plan with Elorus might be the best invoicing solution for you. You’re allowed to send unlimited invoices to up to three clients per month. On this plan, you can change the clients from month to month, as long as you only invoice three of them.

Creating an Elorus account is simple, and you’ll be invoicing quickly. Once you get started, you can even set up recurring invoices to make repeat billing simple.

Recurring revenue is the secret to any designer’s success. Learn why here. 

You can also translate your invoices into another language for your clients. Tracking payment status is simple with the dashboard, and you can easily send out reminders as a due date approaches.

Even with the free plan, Elorus offers customer support. If you run into a problem, just grab a screenshot and send an email for help.

3. Slimvoice


You can create and send unlimited invoices with a free Slimvoice account. These invoices aren’t as customizable as some of the other invoice generators, but they contain all the information you need to get paid. The invoices are generated as a PDF, and you can send them directly from your account without needing to download them first.

With the ability to integrate your Stripe account, you can collect credit card payments directly through Slimvoice. However, there is a fee per transaction for this service, so you’ll want to read all the details before you sign up.

No matter how your clients pay, you can record payments in your account. That way you can easily see what’s outstanding and send an email reminder.

4. Brightbook


Brightbook offers an entirely free online accounting solution, including the ability to customize and send unlimited invoices. It’s perfect for designers and small agencies with up to five employees. If you work with clients in other countries, Brightbook can send invoices in any currency. It’ll also convert all payments back into your home currency to keep things simple for you.

You’ll also find email templates ready to help remind clients to pay. These have an optional PayPal link integrated so your client can initiate payment right from the email. All templates are customizable, and they integrate figures and due dates automatically for you to save you time.

Unlike most other free invoice generators, Brightbook allows for multiple users for a single account. You can give your co-workers full or limited access, allow your accountant to access your account, and more.

5. Invoicely


Do you have a couple of business ventures going at the same time? Multiple businesses are supported within a single Invoicely account, which can help simplify your accounting. You’ll be able to send unlimited invoices in any currency.

Invoicely offers integration with PayPal on the free account, so your clients can easily pay you that way. You also have the option to accept other forms of payment and just record payments on your dashboard.

With a free account, you can add some limited branding to all your invoices. There is only one template however, so it’s not fully customizable.

Do you utilize an online invoice generator in your business? Whether you’re using a free or paid version, please share your company of choice in the comments.

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  1. Jane

    April 21, 2017

    My agency is using Wave not just for our accounting but for our financial reporting etc. We like the interface and there are a lot of documentations and videos to guide you on the different accounting functionalities. Would love to hear others' opinions on the other softwares! :)

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