42 of the best agency websites

42 of the best agency websites

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When you’re searching for a little inspiration for your next site design, there’s nothing quite like looking at some of the best agency websites around. From marketing firms to advertising agencies to full-service design studios, these creative websites are in a class all their own. Not only must they showcase all the wonderful work an agency has done, but they also have to grab users’ attention to help the business stand out from the crowd. (All things you’re probably hoping to do with your own site!) It’s a difficult feat, but as a designer and a creative, you’re totally capable of designing a unique site of your own.

Ready for a little inspiration? Check out some of the best of the best and browse through these awesome agency websites!

1. Adchitects 

A screenshot of Adchitects homepage, one of the best agency websites

If you’re looking for a beautiful agency website with brilliant branding, you’ll love Adchitects. Their brand colors and iconography styles are present and inviting as you scroll through their work.

2. Akins Parker

A screenshot of Akins Parker's homepage, one of the best agency websites

The Akins Parker agency draws you in with their unconventional scrolling and movement as you navigate through their site. Both their written and designed content keep your attention and will have you clicking around for more.


A screenshot of Animal's homepage, one of the best agency websites

The whimsical animations and responsive design of this agency website are certainly entertaining. ANIMAL’s fun brand shines through in the interactive elements and animations spread throughout every page.

4. Bandwagon

A screenshot of Bandwagon's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Bandwagon strives to humanize your brand and they prove it by humanizing their own! As you scroll, you’ll find the most important information and content on their homepage along with their very prominent navy and orange brand colors, whimsical typography, etc. 

5. Belle Epoque

A screenshot of Belle Epoque's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Belle Epoque is a digital agency from Paris that specializes in design, development, and SEO. Their homepage features a unique modular design that really catches the eye right when you hit the page.

6. Bite Size Entertainment

A screenshot of Bite Size Entertainment's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Bite Size Entertainment is a new kind of agency focusing on connecting brands and people. Not only does their website feature an awesome homepage graphic, but it reacts to your mouse for a delightful experience.

7. Buzzworthy

A screenshot of Buzzworthy's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Sometimes the best way to show your work is to make it a game. Buzzworthy’s site reveals a beautifully simple and modern design, until you hover over each of their project names in a hide-and-seek fashion.

8. Caava Design

A screenshot of Caava's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This agency from San Diego, California is all about brand development, interactive solutions, and package design. Their brightly-designed website does a fantastic job at showcasing their variety of projects.

9. Cemtrex labs

A screenshot of Cemtrex's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Cemtrex Labs has perhaps one of the cleanest designs on our list, but don’t let it fool you. Their mockups (and fun header animation) make the site informative, inspirational, and impactful.

10. DG Studio

A screenshot of DG Studio's homepage, one of the best agency websites

DG Studio sets the tone for their entire site as soon as you land on it. The fun, interactive animation icons in the header tell you two things: one — they are very skilled in design and two — they enjoy and love the work they do.  

11. Digital Nation

A screenshot of Digital Nation's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Digital Nation is one awesome website design agency with a mesmerizing homepage animation. With only five items in the menu, their site keeps things super simple and easy for potential clients to navigate.

12. Drexler

A screenshot of Drexler's homepage, one of the best agency websites

When you click around this agency website, it’s obvious that Drexler had a lot of fun building it. From elements reacting to a mouse hover to a unique way of scrolling and displaying work, this agency truly let their creativity shine on their site.

13. Eat Sleep Work

A screenshot of Eat Sleep Work's homepage, one of the best agency websites

To describe Eat Sleep Work’s site in one word: out of this world. From the crazy cool menu to showcasing the big brands they work with using their own brand components, it’s so well done from the homepage to their contact page. 

14. Flourish

A screenshot of Flourish's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This digital agency is made up of creative thinkers that build strong business. Their homepage launches into a rotating display of some of their work, but it also features an impressive, lesser-used element: a chat box, allowing potential clients to immediately interact with the brand!

15. Friends

A screenshot of Friends' homepage, one of the best agency websites

Friends is a design company that collaborates with extraordinary changemakers and organizations of all sizes. Their site may be simple, but it definitely leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

16. Function & Form

A screenshot of Function & Form's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Function & Form is a small creative consultancy that specializes in digital media. They have an awesome website that truly showcases all their different skills, including bold design, 3D elements, and unique scrolling experiences.

17. Graphic Cell

A screenshot of Graphic Cell's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Graphic Cell is a team of content creators who are passionate about strategic design. Their website is a truly cohesive experience with delightful microinteractions (like the floating red ball!) sprinkled throughout.

18. HeadOfffice

A screenshot of HeadOfffice's homepage, one of the best agency websites

HeadOfffice’s website will take you back a few years in the most enjoyable way. They’re a small but mighty team of designers, developers, and writers with a truly amazing agency website. Be sure to click and drag elements around to fully experience it!

19. Humaan

A screenshot of Humaan's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Humaan is a digital agency for human solutions that connects products with real people. With some stellar scrolling animations, their site is a joy to look through.

20. Impero

A screenshot of Impero's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Impero is a social, digital, and creative agency from London whose sole purpose is to revamp tired brands and restore them to their former glory. Their site features strong photography and subtle animations that really give it a powerful impact.

21. Isadora Agency

A screenshot of Isadora Agency's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This web design agency from California has a few awards and specialties under its belt. Isadora Agency designed a super clean, informational website that’s filled with beautifully designed color and movement. From the moment you land on their page to when you leave, you’ll be extremely impressed.

22. Jointly

A screenshot of Jointly's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This agency does a great job of “making it simple but significant” by using white space paired with powerful imagery. If you’re wanting to update your site that lets the photos do the talking, this is a great site to inspire you!

23. JustCoded

A screenshot of JustCoded's homepage, one of the best agency websites

JustCoded is an agency made up of 40+ developers with different specialties in the development industry. Their site is simple, and the interactive elements get right to the point of showing off their strength in web development.

24. Limn Design

A screenshot of Limn Designs homepage, one of the best agency websites

Limn’s simple, classic, and impactful site does a great job of sharing their best work and showing the big brands they work with, all while keeping it super interactive and engaging. Their site does a great job at showcasing everything you need to know about their agency.

25. Loomo

A screenshot of Loomo's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This website is sure to give you an out-of-this-world experience. It’s hard not to love Loomo, with its bright branding and adorable VP of Barketing (yes, you read that right)! You’re guaranteed to find a few whimsical surprises as you explore.


A screenshot of Mikmakstudio's homepage, one of the best agency websites

The MIKMAKSTUDIO site is an awesome blend of 2D and 3D elements. They’re a digital communication agency in Paris, and their site does a wonderful job of telling a story through graphics and content.

27. Movetic

A screenshot of Movetic's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This “millennial-minded” design agency has no shortage of inspiration. Movetic’s energy and drive is apparent through their video-heavy, monochromatic design.

28. Niika

A screenshot of Niika's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Niika is an agency based in Australia with a bright and colorful website that’s both bold and subtle. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to catch their brilliant call to action!

29. OrangeYouGlad

A screenshot of OrangeYouGlad's homepage, one of the best agency websites

OrangeYouGlad is a graphic design studio with the most delightful homepage. It scrolls through several illustrations and patterns, welcoming you to their site with some super inspiring works of art.

30. PixelPink

A screenshot of PixelPink's homepage, one of the best agency websites

The PixelPink site is a great example of a minimal design that’s still super whimsical. They’re a design studio from Berlin that specializes in interaction design, visual design, and branding.

31. Puppets

A screenshot of Puppet's homepage, one of the best agency websites

While there aren’t any real puppets here, this French agency brings their simple, meaningful design to life as you scroll through the sections of their website. You might even see some sweet dance moves!

32. Red Thread

A screenshot of Red Thread's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Red Thread’s site isn’t afraid to start “woo-ing” you as soon as you land on their homepage. They have messages that cycle through and switch after a few seconds, enticing you to explore more and stay awhile. 

33. Reflektor

A screenshot of Reflektor's homepage, one of the best agency websites

It can be hard to make an original portfolio, but Reflektor has set the bar high with both its design and video reel. You’re sure to crush on the charming content of this interactive agency website!

34. Reputation Squad

A screenshot of Reputation Squad's homepage, one of the best agency websites

The Reputation Squad website inspires in more than just design, but also in their message and content. This marketing and design agency certainly knows how to craft a brilliant message!

35. RN01

A screenshot of RN01's homepage, one of the best agency websites

RN01 is a West Coast agency that specializes in branding and digital design and you can tell from their site that they know their stuff. As you scroll, you’ll see visual elements shift, move, and even wave in a satisfying way.

36. SBA

A screenshot of SBA's homepage, one of the best agency websites

SBA will have you clicking around their agency website for a while with how many new interactive elements and beautiful designs there are throughout their pages. Looking for a different way to show off your team? Check out how SBA did it on the site!

37. Source Four

A screenshot of Source Four's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This site features high-quality video reels right in the header of the homepage, an interactive portfolio display, and just a few more interesting content nuggets as you dive deeper into their site. Their tagline is they love to design and their site does an excellent job of showcasing that.

38. Tom & Tom

A screenshot of Tom & Tom's homepage, one of the best agency websites

Tom & Tom, a web design agency based in Canada, took monochromatic design to a whole new level with their site. The first thing you see on the page are options to book time with their agency and the farther you scroll, the more you can learn about the agency, their work, etc.

39. Wavepoint

A screenshot of Wavepoint's homepage, one of the best agency websites

When browsing Wavepoint’s website, you’ll catch a lot more than some gnarly waves — maybe even some inspiration! This agency truly embraced their brand with the elements on their site and the content and puns on the page. 

40. White Car

A screenshot of White Car's homepage, one of the best agency websites

White Car is such a simple name for an agency, but there’s absolutely nothing plain about this agency’s site. While they took more of a minimalist approach, the layout for the design, the placement of content, and the vibrant orange against the classic white speaks volumes. 

41. Y’all

A screenshot of Y'all's homepage, one of the best agency websites

While their site screams “southwest United States”, this Wisconsin-based web design agency nailed it with their site. From the fun cacti elements throughout the homepage, to the color scheme that encourages you to just keep scrolling, this site is truly one of a kind and leaves a lasting impression.

42. 2A

A screenshot of 2A's homepage, one of the best agency websites

This London-based studio is full of creativity and certainly has an engaging website! Their blurred portfolio draws interest and drives engagement with their stunning content.

What do you think, pretty inspiring sites, right? We know there are a lot more awesome agencies with outstanding work, so share your best agency websites with us in the comments below!

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