The 30 best conferences to attend in 2018

The 30 best conferences to attend in 2018

One of the best ways to stay on top of ever-changing technology and industry trends is by attending conferences! By attending conferences, you can level-up yourself and your work by networking with other pros and hearing the best advice from industry-leading speakers. Not only can you get the best experience and knowledge out of conferences, but you’re also sure to stay inspired!

To help you find the perfect conference, I’ve broken them down into three main categories: business, technology, and design. Each section is in chronological order, so pull out your calendar to start penciling in some conference dates!

Without further ado, here are the best conferences to attend in 2018!

The best business conferences of 2018:

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 the yearly carnage

The Yearly Carnage

April 13, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Add to Calendar

The Yearly Carnage is a marketing conference focused on tips and strategies from marketing professionals. It’ll cover topics like content, social media, brand voice, pitching clients, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this one!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 MarTech


April 23-25, San Jose, California Add to Calendar

October 1-3, Boston, Massachusetts Add to Calendar

A blend of marketing, management, and technology meet at this brilliant conference. Anyone working as a freelancer, in a digital agency, or in a tech company will come out with a million takeaways. Come level up your skills and your work at MarTech, either on the east coast or the west coast!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 The Startup Conference

The Startup Conference

May 17, Redwood City, California Add to Calendar

This “For founders, by founders” conference is the perfect place to share ideas, gain new insights, or get inspired to start your own business! Be sure to check out their star-studded speaker lineup and get your tickets now.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 SMX search marketing expo conference

SMX Advanced

June 11-13, Seattle, Washington Add to Calendar

SEM and SEO focused, this conference will host speakers and professionals from nearly every industry you can think of. Not to mention, people from some world-renowned brands will be in attendance as well. Search Marketing Expo is exactly what you and your marketing team need to get a leg-up in the digital marketing age.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 RISE conference


July 9-12, Hong Kong, China Add to Calendar 

The largest tech conference in Asia will send your technology-loving heart soaring! With speakers, businesses, and startups from around the world, you’re sure to learn something new and network across, not only countries but continents! Reserve your tickets now.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 etail conference


August 6-9, Boston, Massachusetts  Add to Calendar 

This is the perfect conference for anybody in (or aspiring to be in) the retail industry.  Be sure to check out their website for all the little details from who’s attending to who’s speaking. You don’t want to miss this strategy-packed, four-day event!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 traction conference

Traction Conference

August 8-9, Vancouver, Canada Add to Calendar 

Learn from the best and brightest thought-leaders in business at Traction Conference! Here you can learn to expand your revenue and scale your business. Learn more about the topics  and the awesome speaker lineup here.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 inbound conference 2018

Inbound 2018

September 4 – 7, Boston, Massachusetts Add to Calendar 

You won’t want to miss Inbound 2018. From the marketing and sales experts at Hubspot, this conference will help you spark growth in your business and have fun doing it! Can’t make it? Or just want a sneak preview? Check out their 2017 recap. Spoiler alert: it’ll definitely make you want to go!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 content marketing world conference 2018

Content Marketing World

September 4-7, Cleveland, Ohio Add to Calendar 

If you do any form of content marketing, there’s something to be learned from Content Marketing World. Perhaps the best part is the interactive and hands-on experiences you’ll take away from this inspiring group.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 brand marketing summit conference 2018

Brand Marketing Summit

October 24-25, New York, New York Add to Calendar 

There’s not just brand marketing, but also social media marketing at this high-impact conference in New York. They’ve broken it up into Customer understanding & experience, multi-channel engagement, and social so you get the most out of it and can customize your own experience. Learn more here!

The best technology conferences of 2018:

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 think conference IBM 2018

Think 2018 – IBM Conference

March 19-22, Las Vegas, Nevada Add to Calendar 

This business and technology merge of brilliance is a can’t-miss for anyone focused on the tech industry. Come learn with some of the brightest minds in the word, and then kick back and relax with some fun events, too!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 garter CIO and IT executive summit conference 2018

Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit

May 15-17, Toronto, Canada Add to Calendar 

Data, analytics, management, AI, security, and so much more are all on the agenda for this executive-level conference. But don’t let that intimidate you because it’s focused on CIOs, application leaders, infrastructure and operations leaders, and data and analytics leaders. Why haven’t you registered yet?

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 front conference 2018


May 31 – June 1, Salt Lake City, Utah Add to Calendar 

This UX and product management conference is just what your development team needs to keep up with the ever-changing best-practices in the technology industry. Spark your creativity and innovation with two days of sharing from other bright minds.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 developerweek conference 2018 new york

Developer Week – New York

June 18 – 20, New York, New York Add to Calendar 

This conference brings next-level content for anyone in attendance. Join developers, DevOps pros, and execs in celebrating and learning from each other. And if you can’t make this one, check out some of their other related conference options as well!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 ADDC app design and development conference 2018

App Development & Design Conference

July 4-6, Barcelona, Spain Add to Calendar 

If you’re a mobile developer who works with Android and iOS, there is certainly so much to learn and draw inspiration from. Don’t miss the workshop day, and bonus: there’s even an awesome boat party planned! Buy your ticket here.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 disrupt conference 2018


September 5 – 8, San Francisco, California Add to Calendar 

From TechCrunch comes Disrupt – the startups, technology, and news resources loved by so many people. If you really want to attend, there are tons of options for various kinds of passes and discounts that make your tech conference dreams a reality. Go ahead and just start packing your bags now!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 cybersecurity chicago conference 2018

Cyber Security Chicago

September 26-27, Chicago, Illinois Add to Calendar 

With security at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you’ll want to attend this up-and-coming conference with cybersecurity experts. This important topic is perfect for the technology experts in every business. Stay up to date and learn new trends at Cyber Security Chicago.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 greekwire summit conference 2018

GeekWire Summit

October 1-3, Seattle, Washington Add to Calendar 

GeekWire Summit is focused on exploring innovation and providing an interactive experience for everyone in attendance. They’ve had past speakers from Starbucks, Zillow, Expedia, and many more (including venture capitalists). So if you’re interested in the latest tech and moving technology forward, you’ll love GeekWire Summit.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 devops enterprise summit 2018

DevOps Enterprise Summit

October 22-24, Las Vegas, Nevada Add to Calendar 

Development operations at scale is the main focus of this conference. It covers strategy and goals for leaders in this area as a means of furthering operational skills. Their programming committee has members from places like Pivotal Software, Inc., Disney, and Nike, so you know it’s going to be good.

layout by flywheel best conference 2018 web summit 2018

Web Summit

November 5-8, Lisbon, Portugal Add to Calendar

Called the largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit is definitely an event to add to your calendar! This year’s speaker lineup is full of famous, successful, and up-and-coming speakers. This conference has been praised by some of the biggest names in news, and you’re sure to love every second of it.

The best design conferences of 2018:

Looking for more ways to stay on top of the latest design trends? Sign up for our free 2018 Design Trends email course!


layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 AIGA design conference 2018

AIGA Design Conference

April 4-6, Pasadena, California Add to Calendar 

Countless designers are members of AIGA and are inspired by the network constantly. Isn’t it time to attend the event built for that exact purpose? This conference focuses on connecting designers by inspiring creativity, networking, and learning.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 smashing conference 2018


April 17-18, San Francisco, California Add to Calendar 

This fun and fast-paced conference is jam-packed with design presentations and thought-leading speakers. Whether you’re a UI or UX designer, graphic designer, or web designer, there’s definitely a speaker in the lineup who will truly resonate with you!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 generate conference 2018


April 25-27, New York, New York Add to Calendar 

(Also, September 19-21 in London, United Kingdom) Add to Calendar 

This global conference features professionals from Etsy, Shopify, IBM, Adobe, and more. The perfect blend of code and design is available here for everyone interested in both. Get ready to generate some great new ideas and bring them back to your work!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 HOW design live conference 2018

HOW Design Live

April 30 – May 3, Boston, Massachusetts Add to Calendar 

Creativity meets leadership meets design in this annual event. Their busy schedule has breakout sessions for every interest and famous keynotes that are sure to please. Learn new skills, discover new tools, and pull inspiration from the exciting atmosphere and people.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 adobe 99u conference 2018

99U Conference

May 9 – 11, New York, New York Add to Calendar

Yet another Adobe conference makes our list with this one! 99U is the well-known blog that focuses on everything from design to career advice to creative inspiration, so, of course, you can expect all the same and more from the conference! Get a taste of fine design from New York with 99U Conference.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 the design conference 2018

The Design Conference

May 9-11, Brisbane, Australia Add to Calendar 

If you’re in the land down under in May, be sure to stop by The Design Conference in Melbourne. Meet other designers, create your own work in breakout sessions, and hear from Australian creative keynotes. You’re sure to find inspiration from many places in this modern and classy design environment!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 digital thinkers conference 2018

Digital Thinkers Conf.

May 10-11, San Francisco, California Add to Calendar 

If you love Awwwards, you’re sure to love their Design Thinkers Conf. But don’t think it’s just for designers. No, it’s for designers, developers, and all dreamers! Hear from freelancers, company designers, and self-starters. It’s worth checking out for their website alone – it’s amazing!

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 circles conference 2018

Circles Conference

September 19-21, Fort Worth, Texas Add to Calendar 

This one’s a Flywheel favorite! Circles conference is one of the top growing design conferences in the US and brings in speakers from everywhere. Get your ticket or even just volunteer, but this is one you won’t want to miss.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 dibi design it build it conference 2018


November 12, Edinburgh, Scotland Add to Calendar 

Short for Design it; Build it, Dibi is a design conference specifically for UX and web designers. This is one of many events from Nxt, and it’s sure to leave your design mind soaring with possibilities and ideas.

layout by flywheel best conferences 2018 awwwards

Awwwards Conference

November 15-16, New York City Add to Calendar

The hot thinkers conference is aimed at design leaders and UX designers looking to create unique digital experiences. Over 2 days and 24 talks, you’ll discover great tools, learn from experts, and find new design trends.

What conferences made it to your calendar? Did we forget any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Thanks for adding us to your list of conferences. Please check out the images from the event on our Facebook page! It was such an awesome vibe!

  • Emma Simpson says:

    Some amazing events happening this year, thank you for sharing.

    If you are looking for something more personal and engaging, here at Future London Academy – we are constantly trying to understand and learn about Innovation, we have created a unique programme for creative entrepreneurs, designers and business owners – introducing you to London’s most innovative businesses and uncovering the latest approaches to design thinking and innovation.

    Check out the event page below guys!

    The event is not to be missed.

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