The 31 best creative conferences to attend in 2019

The 31 best creative conferences to attend in 2019

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One of the best ways to stay on top of industry trends and get ahead in your field is by attending creative conferences! You can expand your network by meeting other pros, give a persuasive presentation about industry trends, plus hear the best advice from other leading speakers in your field. Not only can you get the best experience and knowledge out of conferences, but you’re also sure to stay inspired!

To help you find the perfect conference to attend in 2019, I’ve broken them down into the best events for designers, marketers, and developers. Plus, there are a few other catch-all events anyone in the ever-changing world of tech should attend. Each section, in no particular order, highlights at least 10 of the best conferences, so pull out your calendar and start adding these conference dates before it’s too late!

Without further ado, here are some of the best creative conferences to attend in 2019!

The best creative conferences for designers

Best creative conferences: Digital Thinkers Conference

Digital Thinkers Conferences

February 13-15, Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 8-10, San Francisco, California

If you love Awwwards, you’re going to love their two Design Thinkers Conferences this year. Held in San Francisco and Amsterdam, this two-of-a-kind conference caters to designers, but also brings in speakers developers and dreamers alike would love. You’ll hear from freelancers, company designers, and self-starters. It’s worth checking out for their website alone – it’s amazing!

Best creative conferences: An Event Apart

An Event Apart

March 4–6, Seattle, Washington

May 6–8, Boston, Massachusetts

July 29–31, Washington DC

August 26–28, Chicago, Illinois

October 28–30, Denver, Colorado

December 9–11, San Francisco, California

An Event Apart brings together the best of design, code, and content with three full days of design and developer expert talks and interactive sessions. If you love listening to passionate speakers and are ready to be inspired, you have six options to experience this incredible event.

Best creative conferences: Experience Design Week

Experience Design Week

February 25-27, Denver, Colorado

If you’re a UX designer, this is one event you won’t want to miss! UX design leaders are coming together from some of the biggest companies and brand names around to speak at Experience Design Week 2019. You’ll also get the chance to attend over 25 interactive workshops and tour, for free, some of Denver’s coolest sites to see!

Best creative conferences: AIGA Design Conference

AIGA Design Conference

April 4-6, Pasadena, California

Countless designers are members of AIGA and are inspired by the community it provides every day. Isn’t it time to attend the event built for that exact purpose? This conference focuses on connecting designers by inspiring creativity, networking, and learning.

Best creative conferences: Smashing Conference


April 16-17, San Francisco, California

This fun and fast-paced conference is jam-packed with design presentations and thought-leading speakers. Whether you’re a UI or UX designer, graphic designer, or web designer, there’s definitely a speaker in the lineup who will truly resonate with you!


May 2-4, 2019, Brooklyn, New York

This conference is sure to be a memorable event! It’s described as a “conference,” the kind “we always wanted to attend, but never found. Until now.” Over two and a half days, you’ll hear from 16 speakers (and performers!), with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to share. Not to mention, the branding is beautiful. Don’t miss out!

Best creative conferences: HOW Design Live

HOW Design Live

May 7-10, Chicago, Illinois

Creativity meets leadership meets design in this annual event. Their busy schedule has breakout sessions for every interest and famous keynotes that are sure to please. Learn new skills, discover new tools, and pull inspiration from the exciting atmosphere and people!

Best creative conferences: 99U Conference


May 8-10, New York, New York

99U is the well-known blog that focuses on everything from design trends and career advice to inspiring talks and interviews with industry leaders. You can expect all the same (and more!) from the conference. Get a taste of fine design from New York with the 99U conference!

Best creative conferences: The Design Conference

The Design Conference

May 29 – June 1, Brisbane, Australia

If you’re in the land down under in May, be sure to stop by The Design Conference in Brisbane. Meet other designers, create your own work in breakout sessions, and hear some of the many fantastic Australian creative keynote speakers. You’re sure to find inspiration from many places in this modern and classy design environment!

Best creative conferences: Creative Pro Week

CreativePro Week

June 10 – 14, Seattle, Washington

You’ll get four days of opportunities to interactively learn from some of the best in the business by attending Creative Pro week. Through four different tracks, you’re sure to get hands-on experience learning more about Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, plus you can end the week hearing from the instructors themselves. This is one learning opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Best creative conferences: Circles


September 18-20, Fort Worth, Texas

This one’s a Flywheel favorite! Circles conference is one of the top-growing design conferences in the US and brings in design gurus to speak from all over. Get your ticket or even just volunteer, but this is one you won’t want to miss!

The best creative conferences for developers

Best creative conferences: Think IBM Conference

Think 2019 – IBM Conference

February 12-15, San Francisco, California

Business meets technology at this can’t-miss conference for anyone in the tech industry. Come learn with some of the brightest minds in the world, and then kick back and relax with some fun events, too!

Best creative conferences: Developer Week

Developer Week

February 20-24, San Francisco, California

This conference brings next-level content for anyone in attendance. Join developers, DevOps pros, and execs to celebrate and learn from each other. And if you can’t make this one, check out some of their other related conference options and hiring expos!

Best creative conferences: Dev Nexus

Dev Nexus

March 6-8, Atlanta, Georgia

This professional developer conference combines talks by industry leaders with hands-on workshops so you can learn anything from JavaScript and security to cloud infrastructure and agile. Get your ticket today and enhance your skill set by attending one, (or many!) of the interactive workshops provided at this year’s Dev Nexus conference1

Best creative conferences: RailsConf 2019

RailsConf 2019

April 30-May 2, Minneapolis, Minnesota

RailsConf is one of the largest conferences around for Rails developers to attend. Attendees can hear from leaders in the Rails community, network with other developers, and attend interactive workshops throughout the conference. What are you waiting for? Grab your ticket today!

Best creative conferences: Gartner

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019

June 3-6, Toronto, Canada

Data, analytics, management, AI, security, and so much more are all on the agenda for this executive-level conference in Toronto, Canada. But don’t let that intimidate you, because it’s focused on CIOs, application leaders, infrastructure and operations leaders, and data and analytics leaders. Why haven’t you registered yet?

Best creative conferences: Front


June 6-7, Salt Lake City, Utah

This UX and product management conference is just what your development team needs to keep up with the ever-changing best-practices in the tech-industry. Two days of sharing and interactive Q/A panels are sure to spark your creativity and ways to innovate with your team.

Best creative conferences: ADDC App Design & Development Conference

ADDC App Design and Development Conference

June 26-28, Barcelona, Spain

If you’re a mobile developer who works with Android and iOS  or a UX/UI designer, there is so much to learn and draw inspiration from at this conference. Don’t miss the workshop day, and bonus: there’s even an after party planned! Buy your ticket soon for your chance to get early bird, discounted pricing.

Best creative conferences: Cyber Security Chicago

Cyber Security Chicago

September 25-26, Chicago, Illinois

With security at the forefront of everyone’s mind, this conference is perfect for technology experts in every business. Stay up to date with the latest best practices and learn about the newest cyber security trends in Chicago this fall!

Best creative conferences: Disrupt

Disrupt SF 2019

October 4-6, San Francisco, CA

From TechCrunch comes Disrupt SF. This conference focuses on highlighting the startup life, technology and TechCrunch’s love for industry news. If you really want to attend, there are tons of options for various kinds of passes and discounts that make your tech conference dreams a reality. Go ahead and just start packing your bags now!

Best creative conferences: Web Summit

Web Summit

Lisbon, Portugal, November 4-7, 2019

It’s claimed to be the “best technology conference on the planet,”  so Web Summit is definitely an event to add to your calendar! This year’s speaker lineup is full of famous, successful, and up-and-coming speakers. This conference has been praised by some of the biggest names in web development. , and you’re sure to love every second of it.

The best creative conferences for marketers

Best creative conferences: B2B Marketing Exchange

B2B Marketing Exchange

February 25-27, Scottsdale, Arizona

This up and coming conference offers six tracks you can follow, including demand generation, content marketing, digital strategy, channel marketing, ABM, and sales enablement. Plus, you’ll get to hear from over 100 industry leaders and can attend over 90 speaker sessions. Prices for this incredible conference go up on January 16th, so get your ticket here while you can!

Best creative conferences: Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World

March 20-22, San Diego, California

With a social media focus, this conference is bringing together some of the world’s top social media innovators and strategists alike. You’ll likely leave hungry to start mastering your new skills and learning the best ways to amp up your team’s social strategies. Tickets are set to sell out soon, so get yours while you still can!

Best creative conferences: Adobe Summit

Adobe Summit

March 26-28, Las Vegas, Nevada

Adobe Summit is the ultimate marketing conference and specializes in providing impressive content for advertisers , campaign managers, and anyone in between. During the two days of the conference, you’ll get endless opportunities to learn about the newest marketing industry trends and will get to network with industry leaders. Use this link to get $200 off your ticket by the end of January.

Best creative conferences: MarTech East and West

Martech West

April 3-5, San Jose, California

Martech East

September 16-18, Boston, Massachusetts

A blend of marketing, management, and technology meet at this brilliant conference. Anyone working as a freelancer, in a digital agency, or in a tech company will come out with a million takeaways. Come level up your skills and your work at MarTech, either on the east coast or the west coast!

Best creative conferences: Gartner Marketing Symposium

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo

April 29-May 1, San Diego, California

This marketing conference is focused on bringing chief marketing officers and marketing executives together under one roof to talk strategy, gain expert advice, and to network. This conference put on by Gartner offers real solutions to real marketing problems and will leave you wanting to keep improving your best practices with your team.

Best creative conferences: SMX Search Marketing Expo

SMX Advanced

June 3-5, Seattle, Washington

SEM and SEO focused, this conference will host speakers and professionals from nearly every industry you can think of. Plus, people from some world-renowned brands will be in attendance as well. Search Marketing Expo is exactly what you and your marketing team need to get a leg-up in the digital marketing age and to keep learning about the ever-changing industry trends.

Best creative conferences: Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World Expo

September 3-6, Cleveland, Ohio

If content marketing is your thing, there’s definitely something for you to learn at the Content Marketing World Expo!. The best part is the interactive and hands-on experiences you’ll take away from this inspiring group.

Best creative conferences: Inbound 2019


September 3-6. Boston, Massachusetts

You won’t want to miss Inbound 2019. From the marketing and sales experts at HubSpot, this conference will help you spark growth in your business and have fun doing it! Can’t make it? Or just want a sneak preview? Check out their incredible recap video. Spoiler alert: it’ll definitely make you want to go!

Best creative conferences: Brand Marketing Summit

Brand Marketing Summit

October 21-22, New York, New York

There’s not just brand marketing at this high-impact conference in New York, but also social media marketing! They’ve broken it into topics like customer understanding and experience, multi-channel engagement, and social media, so you get the most out of the conference and customize your own experience. Learn more here!

Best creative conferences: Marketo Marketing Nation

Marketing Nation Summit

October 21-24, Las Vegas, Nevada

This conference is a perfect way for any marketer tot spend three days. Full of talks from some of the best in the business and interactive workshops, you’re bound to learn something new from this conference. One of the highlights is an education and certification day that allows you to take the next step in your career. Are you ready to book your flights yet?

What conferences made it to your calendar? Did we forget any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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