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The best Slack groups for designers

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Slack is a great resource for small businesses, agencies, freelancers, or just individual designers trying to network. It makes communicating with coworkers and friends fun, effective, and effortless, and joining public Slack groups is a great way to contribute and learn from new communities of similar interests or careers.

Whether you’re a novice or expert in the fields of design, development, or WordPress, you’re bound to find at least one Slack group here that’ll spark your interest and help you learn something new! If you’re ready to join the conversation, here are 16 of the best Slack groups for designers.

1. Code Newbie

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We all have to start somewhere, and Code Newbie is definitely the place for you if you’re starting the transition from designer to developer! A blend of designers new to-code and experienced professionals come together to learn about development, share knowledge and tutorials, and develop a community for learning.

Join here.

2. #CreativeTribes

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers creative tribes

Marketers, designers, developers, writers, creatives, and strategists all converge into one tribe. The focus here is to expand your marketing, promotion, and creative projects. Their website has tons of information to help you dive into the details.

Join the tribe here.

3. Data Discourse

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers data discourse

If data is your one true love, then you ought to join Data Discourse. This Slack channel is all talk about Big Data, tools, tricks, ideas, and more data. And even if data is still a bit of a foreign subject to your creative brain, it’s a great place to get started.

Check it out.

4. Dear Designers

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers dear designers

Dear Designers is a private Slack channel to help you figure out your next step as a designer. There’s a wonderful mix of experience in this group, from beginners just starting out to those who have been in the industry for a while. It’s the perfect place to ask questions and hear real-life stories to learn and grow from. Plus, you’re sure to meet some awesome designers. Hello networking and new sources of inspiration!

Join here.

5. Designer Hangout

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers designer hangouts

Any designer that’s interested in user experience will love this UX community on Slack. With over 5,800 members, this is a huge community that consists of quality people – every member is pre-vetted to ensure an awesome community. Bonus: This means there are no recruiters or spammers! Just high-quality discussions, debates, and resources.

Request an invite.

6. #devchat

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers dev chat

This Slack community is filled with developers asking and answering questions, sharing tools, and working together. There’s a channel for just about everything, so you can join based on the language or problem you’re working with.

Sign up here.

7. Everything Design

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers everything design

This supportive group of designers work together to share resources and critique designs. Bring your passion for creative projects and get ready to see some amazing work! Not only can this community help make you a better designer, but we guarantee you’ll find some great inspiration hiding in these channels.

Check it out here.

8. #Freelance

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers freelance

Freelancers unite! #Freelance is a community to connect with other people creating their own schedules, working in coffee shops, and making a name for themselves. Share your success stories, nightmare client scenarios, and knowledge that you’ve learned over the years with freelancers from around the globe.

Request an invite here.

9. FreelanceLead

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers freelancelead

This up-and-coming Slack channel is full of freelance work and leads for your next project or client. Their basic account starts at $8 a month ($80 a year) with premium options as well. They have opportunities and channels on everything from 3D design to gaming development to eCommerce and everything in between. Want to try it out before committing? Try their 7-day free trial.

Give it a try.

10. #frontendDevelopers
Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers frontend developers

If you consider yourself a creative developer, you’re in the right place. Need some inspiration? Looking for people to share your ideas with? Want to find the occasional new project? Sounds like you need to join the #frontendDevelopers Slack channel, a place to share knowledge and connect with other developers.

Sign up here.

11. Hack Productivity

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers hack productivity

Staying productive and focused can be difficult, but this community is full of individuals who are productivity hack master. If you have tips to share or want to learn a few for yourself, be sure to check it out! While all the great tips might be a little distracting at first, you’re sure to find some great new ways to stay focused.

Join here!

12. HackerX

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers hackerx

We’re not talking about breaking the internet; we’re talking about a group of like-minded people looking to change the web one line of code at a time! Networking, Q&A, and feedback are popular topics among members, so get ready to learn something new when you join this awesome Slack channel.

Sign up here.

13. #Launch

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers #launch

#Launch is a channel that is all about collaboration, discussion, and gathering feedback from creative people. This includes designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and really makers of any kind. Check it out for a place to discuss new products, find work, or maybe even meet a future co-founder.

Join here.

14. Make WordPress

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers make wordpress

Get the latest WordPress updates, discover new training, and join in the conversation with the Make WordPress Slack channel. While it’s more about the WordPress platform as a whole (not necessarily just designing websites on it), staying in the know will help you build better sites and stay ahead of your competition.

Check it out here.

15. Midwest Design Chat

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers midwest design chat

Inspired by the Midwest Dev Chat group, this Slack team is a place for designers, particularly those in the midwest, to connect. With over 150+ members, this group is the perfect place for designers to chat, share tools, and get feedback. It’s moderated by AIGA Nebraska, so you know it’s full of awesome people and great inspiration.

Join here.

16. Midwest Dev Chat

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers midwest dev chat

If you’re a developer as well as a designer, and especially if you’re from the Midwest, the Midwest Dev Chat was created just for you! It’s an invite-only, Slack powered message group all about development, with a special focus on developers from the midwest. This group is cool because they have lots of channels within their group (over 50!) including channels like #perl, #students, #nebraskajs, and even #pets.

Request an invite here.

17. Online Geniuses

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers online geniuses

You’re already designing and developing for the web, so isn’t it about time to learn internet marketing? Online Geniuses has a Slack channel for the best and brightest ideas when it comes to real advice and marketing experts!

Join here.

18. Sideproject

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers sideproject

Have a new side project idea? Or looking to help make someone else’s project a reality? Sideproject is full of ideas, designers, and developers who are looking for collaborators on inspiring side projects! It’s a great way to find and connect with people just as passionate about a project as you are.

Get inspired here. 

19. Silicon Prairie Tech
Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers silicon prairie tech

For all the tech fanatics in the midwest and Silicon Prairie (where Flywheel is located!), you’re going to love this channel! And believe it or not, this community actually has members from across the world. Tech enthusiasts from all experience levels converge into one tight-knit community.

Join here.

20. Spec

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers spec

If you love the podcasts from, you should sign in to their slack channel! This tips and tricks hub is great for designers and developers to connect and learn as you explore the latest episodes together. If you’re looking for resources and podcasts from passionate creatives, give it a try.

Tune into the conversation here.

21. #Startup

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers #startup

This global startup community is a wonderful Slack channel for any upcoming entrepreneur. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with over 6,000 founders and investors and hear their stories. Plus you’ll be able to gather feedback, tune into AMA’s, and join in the discussion yourself. Who knows, you might just make your big break thanks to the connections you make in #Startup.

Apply to join here.

22. #TechMaster
Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers tech masters

Entrepreneurs and tech professionals all converge in one place for great conversations on business, skills, jobs, goals, and more. If you’re looking for a supportive community to help you get your technology or design business off on a good start, look no further!

Join here.

23. Testers

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers testers

Do you love testing and trying new software? This huge community is “tried and tested” to work together and create some truly amazing things! Ready to get started?

Check it out.

24. #Workfrom

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers workfrom

If you’re a freelancer or someone who travels frequently, the #Workfrom channel is a useful place to be. The team from Workfrom, a site that will help you find charming coffee shops or coworking spaces in your area, created their own Slack community to help connect remote workers. For $5 a month or $50 a year, you’ll gain access to the Slack channel, plus get exclusive discounts and special offers.

Join here.

25. WP Business

Layout by flywheel best slack channels for designers WP business

If you’re working on WordPress as a freelancer, agency, or small business, you’ll definitely want to sign up for WP Business. This Slack channel discusses everything from resources and frameworks to invoicing and taxes. Give it a try – you might just find your next business breakthrough!

Join here.

Now that you’ve looked through this wide variety of Slack channels, try networking with other design professionals across the world! Think of all the new skills and resources right at your fingertips. So, which one are you going to join first?

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