The 27 best YouTube channels for designers 2020

The 27 best YouTube channels for designers 2020

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People are naturally visual beings. It’s easier for us to see an action, digest it, and replicate it. Because of this, watching design tutorials to learn a new skill on YouTube has grown in popularity.

With more than 50 million active content creators on the platform, it should be no surprise that the design tutorial niche on YouTube is massive. You can find just about any topic or subject covered by freelance and professional designers alike. The level of expertise also varies – some videos are intended for beginners while others tackle more advanced tricks and topics.

I compiled some of the best YouTube channels for designers to watch that span from tutorials, informational content, and inspiration: 

CharliMarie TV

Charli is a web and graphic designer living in London and posts design videos every week about tools, projects, concepts, and vlogs. 

Her channel is full of playlists for just about every topic you can think of! Whether you’re just getting started, building your portfolio, or wanting to learn about color palette management, her channel is great for all ranges of designers! 

Some of her playlists include:

  • Design tutorials
  • Designing a website — the full process!
  • The life of a designer


If you want the best information, sometimes you have to go straight to the source! Adobe brings together everything you need to create your greatest work. 

Adobe has so many great playlists on their channel such as Inspiration and Top Tutorials. New to Adobe and designing? Don’t fret. They even have a playlist called “Getting started with Creative Cloud for beginners!”

Other sweet (and inspirational!) playlists on their channel: 

  • Adobe Creative Residency
  • The future is yours
  • Adobe Live


99designs firmly believes that design makes anything possible. With that belief in mind, they have some super intentional playlists on their channel that help you become the best designer you can be. 

Searching for logo inspiration? They have a playlist dedicated to logos called “Ready, set, logo!” Love Ted Talks as much as I do? They have an entire channel called “Ted Talks that will inspire you to be a better entrepreneur.” 

Other videos you’ll want to have in your back pocket: 

  • Pen tool tutorial
  • Illustrator tutorial

Teela Cunningham

Teela hosts a weekly how-to channel for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and hand lettering. Her tutorials are created with all skill levels in mind, providing quick tips and tricks so you have confidence in whatever you make.

Textures, fine art, crafts, oh my! Teela’s channel has hundreds of videos for you to browse to learn a new skill or to brush up on old ones! 

Other playlists on this channel that you’ll love: 

  • Illustration
  • Photoshop Tutorials
  • Creating a WordPress site from start to finish

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Rob Hope

Rob’s the creator of One Page Love, but also has a YouTube channel that seeks to inspire others to build good things online. There’s a wide variety of videos relating to tightening landing page design to finding fonts on a web page. Read more about how Rob grew his YouTube following here.

Interested in UI design trends or a Javascript course? Rob’s a channel you’ll want to have in your back pocket. 

Additional channels you’ll want to have in your back pocket: 

  • Typography resources
  • Digital design tools
  • Design app shortcuts

Tyler Moore

Tyler’s motto? Step by step with no step skipped. His free video lessons teach people how to create their own professional website without any coding experience. 

If you’re a designer that wants to start building and designing websites, Tyler’s channel is perfect for you. Bonus: Tyler has a video called “How to make a WordPress site” so if you’re designing your own website or starting a web design for a client, you’ll know how to thanks to this video that has more than 4 million views!

Tyler’s channel has other great videos such as: 

  • How to start your own business
  • Create a services pages in WordPress
  • Setup WordPress homepage


Local is a free local WordPress development app so you can stop debugging local environments and spend more time launching WordPress sites! There’s even a YouTube channel filled with tutorials to get you started. Check it out today!

Envato Tuts+

Build an app, create a website, or learn design with free how-to tutorials and video courses on Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. Learn how to use tools such as Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Sketch.

Want to learn After Effects, digital illustration, or Affinity Photo? Envato needs to be bookmarked on your browser ASAP. 

Other amazing playlists on his channel that you’ll want to come back to:

  • Instagram: create photos that pop!
  • Learn to draw
  • CSS


Creatnprocess channel is a great source for high-quality training on Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. 

The Creative Training Resources includes graphic design, print design, logo design, motion design, animation, and much more! No matter what type of lesson you’re looking to learn, you’ll find it here!

Looking for something a little more advanced?  

  • Advanced Photoshop tutorials
  • Advanced Illustrator tutorials

Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics’ primary goal is to help you become the best designer that you can be, with comprehensive graphic design tutorials across the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as speed art videos, and much more. Satori’s main focus is on Adobe Illustrator tutorials. 

Explore topics on this channel such as graphic design as a career, Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks, Illustrator text effects, and digital typography.

Additional channels you may want to check out: 

  • Graphic design tips and hints
  • Adobe Illustrator settings and preference tutorials
  • Speed Paint videos

Hello, I’m Alexa

Alexa is a Product Designer she created her channel to help connect people who want to learn more about what a Product Designer does in the tech industry.

If you are wanting to become a Product Designer, are already a Product Designer, or working with a Product Designer, her videos are for you!

Some of her playlists include:

  • Recommended UX videos
  • Everything product design
  • Design tiles in tech

Bring your own laptop

Bring your own laptop seeks to provide viewers with high-quality informational tutorials for software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, and more.

This channel is a great fit for creatives who are skilled in what they do and want to take their client work to that next level. Pretty sweet playlists include: “Dreamweaver templates”, “UX design course”, and “Adobe XD”. 

Some more channels you’ll want to make sure you peek at: 

  • Building responsive mobile websites in Dreamweaver
  • InDesign essential training course

Vector Slate

Vector Slate has a crystal clear motto: keep learning. His videos are great for beginning freelancers and creatives wanting to learn some basic graphic design skills. 

He’s built playlists such as “Useful stuffs”, “Text Effect & Typography”, and “Illustrations” that are tailored for beginners. 

Other useful playlists include: 

  • Logo design
  • Beginner level illustration tutorials
  • Photoshop tutorials


Canva’s overall goal? Design anything. Publish anywhere. Canva is the perfect tool for beginners in graphic design or those who need to make a quick graphic or logo! 

They have playlists dedicated to serve as a “design school” that show you how to master social media, how to brand your business, and creating presentations to impress others. 

In addition, they have other awesome playlists such as: 

  • User stories
  • Canva life
  • Many more! 


KnowYourMac is the one channel to find everything you need to really Know Your Mac and web design. 

This channel features videos like “Beginner Web Design”, “Cinema 4D”, and “Javascript Essentials”.

Other videos you’ll like: 

  • CSS Text Effects
  • Creating an HTML page
  • j-Query to-do list

Shawn Barry, Creative

Shawn Berry’s  videos are packed with graphic design techniques and theory. He designs real-world examples and walks you through the creative process step by step. His channel, simply put, is a creative place for creative people. 

His channel is chock-full of graphic design education and resources like concept and design theory, grid-based design, and shooting creative content.

Want to go a step further in what you know? He’s got more content for you: 

  • Typography
  • Intermediate design theory
  • Advanced design theory

Design Gal

Christine runs Design Gal, a channel focused on giving practical advice for your design career.

The goal of her channel is to teach you what you need to know about being in the design industry, whether you are a student or starting your career as a traditional graphic designer or going into tech as a UI/UX designer. She covers education, finding a job, what to expect on the job, and how to be successful.

Not sure where to start? Browse some of her fantastic playlists such as:

  • UI/UX design
  • Design education
  • Design careers


PHLEARN is dedicated to providing you with the best photography and Photoshop tutorials. 

The playlists are segmented based on the type of software! Familiar with Photoshop, but need to watch some Illustrator tutorials too? They have playlists and tons of videos for you. 

Some of their popular playlists are: 

  • All things Photoshop
  • Take it to the next level (Pro Photoshop tutorials)
  • All things Lightroom

Stephen Looney

This YouTube channel is dedicated to educating all creative individuals who are interested in the graphic design field through informative articles and video tutorials. 

If you’re a creative wanting to learn a bunch of skills in different areas, Stephen’s channel may be for you! 

Searching for a tutorial? There’s a good chance that Stephen’s channel already has it: 

  • Adobe Illustrator CC tutorials
  • Adobe Muse tutorials
  • Graphic design layout bootcamp


PiXimperfect, hosted by Unmesh Dinda, is a YouTube channel made for learning Photoshop and Lightroom. They believe in learning the concept, rather than learning the steps so that you can translate your imagination visually to the world. 

Pretty much known as Photoshop masters, they have every tutorial for everything you could want to know in Photoshop. Discover how to blend modes, curves, and do a little portrait retouching! 

None of those peak your interest? How about: 

  • Creating special effects in Photoshop
  • Photoshop compositing 101
  • Everything “color” in Photoshop

Zimri Mayfield

On Zimri’s channel,  you’ll find Adobe Illustrator tutorials, graphic design inspiration, and creative projects. The goal? You can learn something new from one of his design tutorial videos and be inspired to start making designs of your own!

If you need to learn how to create texture gradients or any type of flat design, Zimri’s channel should be on your list!

Other awesome topics he talks about: 

  • How to design a modern landing page
  • How to brand a business
  • Mobile app design tutorial

Will Paterson

Will is a freelance graphic designer specializing in logo design and brand identity. His channel gives you an in-depth deep dive and his personal perspective of working with graphic design. 

Some of my favorite playlists on Will’s channel? Logo theory and his hand-lettering videos would take the cake. 

Playlists you need in your life: 

  • Top 5 resources for creatives
  • Pimp my logo!
  • Tech for designers

Swerve Tutorials

Swerve’s channel has tutorials and inspiration for new designers. Learn all the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Check out Swerve’s “Quick tips” playlist to find the answer to those easy fixes!

Videos on Swerve’s channel to check out: 

  • Flat design
  • Make your voice sound better in Adobe Audition 
  • Best copyright free music

Gavin Hoey

Gavin’s channel is the place to learn photography and Photoshop skills. From general photography tips and tricks to Lightroom hacks, Gavin’s channel has it all!

A few of my favorite videos are “Extract a person from a video” and “Protect your photos with a watermark”. 

Videos you need to watch: 

  • Resize in Photoshop and Element
  • Remove color casts and halos in Photoshop
  • Advanced Photoshop starburst filter effect


DesignCourse is run by Gary, an expert that creates videos about anything from graphic design to advanced front-end development. 

He has hundreds of videos specifically about social media design. 

Other playlists you’ll want to check out:

  • Illustrator tutorials
  • Skillshare
  • Latest design tutorials 


Femke is a product designer in Amsterdam working in tech. On her channel, she shares her learnings and experience being a designer.

Her channel covers everything from UX design to user research, prototyping, and product.

Looking to take your learning to the next level? Check out some of femke’s playlists:

  • User research
  • Design talk
  • Design process


Catherine Kay is the owner of an illustration business and her channel focuses on helping you be the best designer you can be!

With playlists like “Tips, advice & tutorials” and “Art & Illustration”, it’s easy to see how much you can learn from her channel!

A few other playlists you’re sure to like:

  • Procreate speedpaints
  • Studio & business vlogs
  • Artist alley & Comicon vlogs


Like we said, there are thousands of awesome YouTube channels dedicated to design. Although these 27 are a good start, be sure to search for a YouTube channel that fits your wants and needs. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!! 

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