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Faces of Flywheel: Meet Ben

Faces of Flywheel: Meet Ben


Faces of Flywheel is an ongoing series that focuses on the members of the Flywheel team.


Meet Ben. Ben is a marketing intern here at Flywheel. He’s been interning with us since last May, so we pretty much consider him part of the team at this point. Ben spends most of his days setting up ads for Flywheel and automating anything and everything he can. He also created a robot for us once.

Twitter handle: @benstevinson
Website: benstevinson.com
Drink of choice: Anything from Great Divide Brewing Co
Guilty pleasure: Watching pro Starcraft tournaments
Favorite place in the world: Telluride, CO
Video everyone should watch: Stumptown
Current favorite song: “Exposition” by Takénobu

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