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Faces of Flywheel: Meet Rick

Faces of Flywheel: Meet Rick


Faces of Flywheel is an ongoing series that focuses on the members of the Flywheel team.


Meet Rick (and Lily–Flywheel’s office dog). Rick is Flywheel’s co-founder and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Migration Officer–whichever you prefer). He spends most of his days heading up the marketing team. He’s also in charge of design and UX at Flywheel (which means he designed the beautiful site you’re on right now). He’s also the owner of Flywheel’s official office dog, Lily.

Twitter handle: @rickknudtson
Website: getflywheel.com
Drink of choice: Deshutes’ Fresh Squeezed IPA
Guilty pleasure: Reality Crime Shows
Favorite place in the world: San Francisco
Current favorite song: Air Dubai – Afterglow

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