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Faces of Flywheel: Meet Dan

Faces of Flywheel: Meet Dan

Faces of Flywheel is our ongoing series that focuses on the members of the Flywheel team.

This is Dan:

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Dan is a developer here at Flywheel. He spends most of his day staring at code and pushing code and writing code and making sure that code is working smoothly at all times. He’s been here for about four months, is one of two Dans in the office, and is tied with other Dan for being the Flywheel employee with the most kids (he has four, and one is a brand new baby girl!).

Twitter Handle: @danfitch
Favorite place in the world: South East Massachusetts / Marion, Massachusetts
Flywheel thing I’m most proud of: Working with the team to gather requirements and together develop Bulk Plans implementation.
Favorite Omaha restaurant: Lot 2
Drink of choice: Beer (specifically Hopluia)

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  • mark haffenreffer says:

    This is a mutual connection ….. Marion and Dan. This town is a throwback to the old days when a great day was swimming, shell collecting, tennis and reading a book. It is also a town for families and the dedication of Dan to his family is not to be questioned. Marion embraces Dan. …….

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