10 free online courses designers should take

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If you’re ready to further your design career and grow your business, free online courses are a helpful (and affordable!) way to continue learning on the web. From branding and business tips to technical skills every designer should know, there’s a wide range of subjects you can find free material on that’ll help you be the best designer you can be.

If you’re ready to increase your skills and learn something new, check out these 10 free online courses that are perfect for designers!

1. Hack Design


Hack Design is an incredible resource for anyone ready to learn more about the world of design. Curated by top designers, these lessons include some of the greatest resources about design that can be found on the web. You can move through this course at your own pace or follow along with email reminders about each lesson. Sign up today.

2. Fundamental UI Design


You should always think about the user whenever you design something, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. This free email course from InVision will help you learn all about UI design, the fundamentals behind it, and some tips to improve your process. You’ll receive one chapter in your inbox once a week. Sign up today.

3.  Breaking Brand


Behind every great business is an even greater brand. If you’re looking to grow your agency or kick off your freelance design gig, you need to have clear goals and a strong personal brand to keep propelling your business forward. This free email course from The Branded Solopreneur will help you do just that and so much more. Sign up today.

4. The Designer’s Guide to Project Management


As you start to scale your design business, you’re going to be working with more and more clients and potentially more and more partners. If you don’t have a solid project management system in place, things might start to slip through the cracks. Luckily, Nesha Woolery’s free course is here to help you get organized! The Designer’s Guide to Project Management will help you learn how to use Asana to stay on track. Sign up today.

5. 2017 Design Trends


This is our own free, two-week email course all about the latest and greatest trends in web design! From realistic photography to beautiful script typography, we’re skydiving into the trends of 2017 to see why they work and how you can implement them on your own site. And the best part? We’re giving you the resources every day to help you do it!

Interested? Sign up for our free Design Trends email course here!

6. User Experience Design


This free course from Springboard has an incredible curriculum for anyone interested in user experience. Featuring 38 resources and over 62 hours of content, there’s enough material to keep you busy for quite some time (and to seriously boost your UX skills!). All you have to do is log in with a Google account and you’re good to go. Sign up today.

7. Brand Love


If you’re struggling to create a brand that you love, look no further than Code Love Creative’s free 7-day course. You’ll learn all about what a strong brand can do for your business, some elements every great brand has, and actionable steps to get started. Sign up today.

8. Intro to HTML and CSS


Whether you’re interested in fully learning web development or just looking for a little more insight into the development process, learning HTML and CSS is a great skill for any designer to know. This free course from Udacity will help you learn how to convert mockups into web pages, responsive design techniques, and how approach page layout. Sign up today.

9. Brand Alignment Challenge


If you’ve got a decent start to your brand but want to put it to the test, sign up for this Brand Alignment Challenge from Hello Function. This free five-day email course will help you align your marketing efforts under your brand’s umbrella to make sure you’re always successfully communicating to your target audience. Sign up today.

These free email courses are fantastic resources to help you learn new skills and take your design business to the next level. I know there are other great courses out there – have you taken any others? Or maybe even have a course of your own? Help us grow this list by sharing your favorite online courses for designers in the comments below!

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