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How we celebrate Halloween at Flywheel

How we celebrate Halloween at Flywheel

A few of us here at Flywheel might be really into Halloween. Like, just a bit.

No, we didn’t decorate the office, and we’re not wearing anything weirder than usual today, BUT.

We still found a way to show off our love for the season while maintaining the high standards of professionalism you expect from us.


If you’ve created a new WordPress site with Flywheel in the past couple weeks, you may have noticed some… unusual suggestions for your randomly generated, temporary domain.

“Inexplicable-bat.flywheelsites.com?” you may have asked yourself. “How did they come up with that?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s Tony’s fault.

Our Halloween-loving CTO sent out a spreadsheet one morning entitled Seasonal Random Words. “Fill this up,” he ordered.

A couple hours later, we’d collectively come up with over 100 nouns and nearly 100 adjectives (and hotly debated whether or not “pumpkin” is an adjective. For the record, it totally is. Shush). The words are paired at random to create your very own temporary URL. Happy Halloween!

But time does march on, and good things never last. Say goodbye to these magical URLs right after November 1.

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