Introducing: What’s At Your Desk Wednesday (starring Andrea!)

Introducing: What’s At Your Desk Wednesday (starring Andrea!)

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It’s where you house your belongings. It’s where you spend most of your day. It’s your little slice of home away from home. Yeah, we’re talking about your work desk! At Flywheel, each desk setup consists of a MacBook laptop and desk stand, a computer monitor, a wooden cubby, and a turquoise drawer. How, then, does each Flywheeler manage to make their square of real estate look so unique?!

We’re launching a new series about the quirky and unconventional things that can be found on people’s desks at Flywheel. Let’s start with our designer, Andrea!

Whats at your desk Wednesday - Life at Flywheel-3612Name: Andrea Trew

Department: Marketing

Tell us about your desk: It’s in a corner, which is nice. It’s facing Kyle’s desk, which is…you know.

Three words that describe your desk: Sitting (not standing).

What’s the weirdest thing at your desk? Currently, a turtle dog costume to recreate a live-action Pokemon Go shoot.

What’s your favorite thing at your desk? My instax pic of Jamie (our marketing team lead) and I from the Flywheel cupcake party 🙂

What name/title would you give your desk? Where Puns Come Trew

Anything else? There’s confetti at my desk. All day. Every day. Party.Whats at your desk Wednesday - Life at Flywheel-3563Whats at your desk Wednesday - Life at Flywheel-3597