30 popular Pinterest accounts every designer should follow

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As designers and creatives, it’s hard to always stay inspired, but luckily there’s a social media hub that’s always full of new ideas: Pinterest. This wonderful platform helps people find inspiration and share ideas, making it the perfect platform for designers, developers, marketers, and creatives.

To help you find some fresh new ideas, we’ve made a list of 30 Pinterest profiles to follow if you’re looking for new inspiration in design, business, UX/UI, and more! These profiles have anywhere from almost 300 to over a half-million followers, so you can trust we really did find the best of the best. Happy pinning!

The best Pinterest accounts for design

99designs (12k followers)

Hey designers, are you looking for something more specific to different types of design? 99designs’ Pinterest boards are organized by mediums like infographics, t-shirts, print, and packaging. Popular design trends are also a focus with boards like modern, negative space, blue, and vintage.

Adobe (60k followers)

Designers know and love Adobe products, so why not follow them on Pinterest? Adobe was made for designers, marketers, photographers, and businesses. With that said, their boards focus on appealing to those audiences with a few surprises like a Travel Bucket List.

best Graphic Design (30k followers)

If you’re looking for design inspiration based on specific templates, this is the Pinterest profile for you. My personal favorite is certainly the WordPress eCommerce Themes board (hello shopping!), but if that’s not quite what you’re looking for, best Graphic Design has boards for almost any other template you could want.

Creative Market (191k followers)

Based out of San Francisco, Creative Market has a light and playful feel to their profile and boards on a variety of topics like watercolor, sketches, templates, and blogger resources. There’s even a board just for photogenic animals. What else could you need?

Flywheel (470 followers)

There’s always a colorful and whimsical air to Flywheel’s social media. Helpful resources, awesome sites, and more Layout articles fill many of our boards, plus some great inspiration and WordPress tips for freelancers, designers, agencies, and web enthusiasts!

Graphic Design Junction (102k followers)

Graphic Design Junction is a WordPress site that was built for inspiring creatives with articles full of design news. If you’re looking for some freebies and resources with your daily dose of inspiration, be sure to follow Graphic Design Junction. Their pins are great for designers and developers alike.

Mucho (2k followers)

Mucho is a global boutique design studio with Pinterest boards that are perfect for designers and creatives. Their profile can be summed up in one word: contemporary. Also be sure to also check out their sweet website while you’re browsing their Pinterest.

Sean Booth (55k followers)

Sean Booth describes himself as a conceptual creative and art director, among other things like “Apple fanboy.” His Pinterest profile shows off his love of all things technology and design. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by other massive Pinterest profiles, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of Sean’s Pinterest boards.

The best Pinterest accounts for UI and UX

Julian Sebastian Arnold (30k followers)

A digital designer from Germany, Julian Sebastian Arnold has more than enough “pinspiration” for designers and developers. There is a clean and modern feel to his design and development boards that would catch the eye of any creative!

Rolan Gonzalez (65k followers)

This is the place where color and resources explode. Roland Gonzalez is a front-end developer from Spain who focuses on ingenuity and artistry in his profile. His boards focus on UI and UX, with some other ideas including posters, 3D art, and Keynote presentations.

The UX Blog (8k followers)

If you’re looking for inspiration or tips on UI and UX, this is the profile for you. There are great examples for designers and developers based on colors, research, and business strategy. And if you’re a fan of the actual blog, many of the articles can be found on The UX Blog board.

UX Studio Design (5k followers)

UX Studio Design is a profile for the tech savvy, featuring “creative links for creative people.” These colorful pins are ready to inspire your next design and jumpstart your creative process.

The best Pinterest accounts for web design

Allyssa Barnes (10k followers)

Attention all WordPress lovers: Allyssa Barnes is just the girl for you. She has great boards on everything web design and WordPress related. Follow her profile to get some free resources, new blogging tips, and WordPress insights. She’s going to help you master the world of WordPress and blogging all in just a few clicks.

Awwwards (45k followers)

Many people in the design world have heard of Awwwards from their awards, conferences, and publications. Did you know their Pinterest is just as great as their web insite? And if you’re looking for inspiration in a different form than web design, you’ll love some of their other content on things like creative spaces or iPhoneography.

Web Design Inspiration (16k followers)

Talk about resource overload (in a good way)! Web Design Inspiration has great freebies and “best of” boards for every designer and developer, as well as tons of fun content for your everyday life. There are so many boards to see, so make sure you grab a cup of coffee and browse through.

WP Assistant for WordPress (290 followers)

If you live and breathe WordPress, this is the motherload of tips, tricks, plugins, hacks, and more. Whether you’re using WordPress as a designer, blogger, developer, agency, or freelancer, WP Assistant can teach you a thing or two.

The best Pinterest accounts for business

Designer Blogs (5k followers)

Hey bloggers! Be sure to follow Designer Blogs on Pinterest. They focus on writing tips and stylish blog designs perfect for all your blogging needs and inspiration. With everything from templates and fonts to business tips and marketing, you’ll have everything you need to design the most beautiful, successful blog out there.

Web Tips For You (11k followers)

For anyone designing, developing, and monetizing a blog, or selling on the web, Web Tips For You has all the resources. There are boards for inspiration, design tips and trends, and making money. Not to mention there are some fun things like photography and social media pins thrown in there, too.

The best Pinterest accounts for typography

Font Bros (2k followers)

Good inspiration for typefaces can be like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. Font Bros has a beautifully organized profile full of both typography and design inspiration. Stop wasting time trying to find the perfect typeface and look no further than Font Bros’ Pinterest profile.

FontShop (38k followers)

Who says typography can’t have a sense of humor with it? FontShop has creative boards (and titles) that are sure to bring some inspiration and a good laugh. My favorites include Drop Cap It Like It’s Hot and Coffee, Font & Mugshot.

A little bit of everything

Brandon Lesley (630k followers)

Brandon Lesley describes himself as a creative director, designer, and photographer. His Pinterest is wonderfully aesthetic and personally branded. He has boards on everything from patterns and graphic design to workspaces and fashion.

Co.Design (36k followers)

“Where business and design collide” could not be a better description for Co.Design. The collaborative boards show more styles and ideas. No matter what design industry you’re in, they have a pin to keep you energized.

Creative Review (358k followers)

This London-based magazine has a Pinterest anyone would envy. The clean and organized profile is great for designers, advertisers, and marketers. If you still can’t get enough of their content, be sure to check out their website.

Creative Roar (25k followers)

If you’re looking for creative and personal insight, Creative Roar by Be More Roar has the best of both worlds. Get a splash of food envy with your web design flair, and then check out some inspiring typography or fashion trends. Our personal favorite is definitely Icon Design. And if you get a chance, stop by their fun and dynamic website.

From up North (225k followers)

From up North by Daniel Nelson is a flawless profile for designers. If you’re looking for funny typography fails or CGI work, this profile has a great blend of ideas. There is a clean-cut vibe to these boards

Inspirationfeed (77k followers)

Inspirationfeed currently has over 170 boards full of inspiration (including Harry Potter, 404 pages, and Craft beer boards). If you are looking for some specific inspiration, odds are they have it!

Miagrphx (196k followers)

Miagrphx is a designer and self-proclaimed daydreamer with a kick-ass Pinterest profile. Her bright yet professional brand shows through in all her boards – not to mention her uncanny organization! The boards are organized by overall category and sub-topic. And designers, there’s a whole slew of boards under “design” and “designers.”

Tom Duke (103k followers)

Tom Duke’s profile is pure Pinterest envy. His cover images organize his boards by color-coding design, interest, travel, art, and more. As you can tell, his boards cover a little bit of everything and are guaranteed to inspire any Pinterest enthusiast.

Unsplash (10k followers)

If you’re looking for photography-based design inspiration, follow Unsplash. The content you find on their Pinterest and website is 100% free, high-res photography. With photos for your website or just your desktop background, Unsplash will never disappoint. Not to mention, for any designer/photographer hybrids out there, you can contribute your own photos or subscribe to get breathtaking photos right in your inbox.

WE AND THE COLOR (46k followers)

You may have heard of this German blog for graphic design, art, photography, and film. More importantly, are you following their Pinterest profile yet? Their chic and simple profile is perfect for all types of designers.

No matter what your background is, hopefully you fell in love with one of these popular Pinterest boards for designers. At the very least, I promise there won’t be a lack of ideas and inspiration with all these great profiles! Who do you follow on Pinterest? Let us know who else inspires you in the comments below!

This article was originally published on June 21, 2017 and was last updated on June 5, 2020.

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