35 popular Pinterest accounts every designer should follow

35 popular Pinterest accounts every designer should follow

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There’s no denying that it’s hard to always stay inspired in the creative industry, but luckily there’s a social media hub that’s always full of new ideas: Pinterest! No matter what type of designer or creative you are, these Pinterest accounts will provide you with just the right amount of design inspiration you’ve been looking for:

The best graphic design Pinterest accounts


Designers know and love Adobe products, so why not follow them on Pinterest? Adobe is the hub for designers, marketers, photographers, and businesses to create their best work. With that said, their boards focus on appealing to those audiences with a few surprises like a Travel Bucket List board.


Behance is an Adobe-owned social media platform that boasts “the best creative work from around the world.” So, you can assume that their Pinterest will follow suit that includes stunning boards dedicated to 3D design, illustration, motion design, and so much more!

Best Graphic Design

Best Graphic Design is a pinterest profile filled to the brim with everything you could possibly be looking for: social media templates, brochure ideas, web design wireframes, and so much more! If you were looking for endless design inspiration, you just hit the jackpot with this account!


Canva is an online graphic design and publishing platform (and one of my favorite tools to use). Their Pinterest boards provide inspiration for photographers and designers alike, while also highlighting Canva tutorials and blog posts that their customers can easily access.

Creative Market

With more than 1 million followers (and 10 million monthly views!), Creative Market’s Pinterest is the ultimate hub for design inspo like graphics, photos, fonts, website themes, icons, brushes, and more. This account has more than 100 boards, so be prepared for a Pinterest rabbit hole!


Designhill is an online platform that connects graphic designers with businesses that are looking for design help, so their Pinterest boards are full of design inspiration, business tips, and blog posts dedicated to the design entrepreneurs of the world.


There’s always whimsy in the air when it comes to Flywheel’s social media, and their Pinterest is no different! Helpful resources, awesome sites, and more Layout blog articles fill many of these boards, plus some great inspiration and WordPress tips for freelancers, designers, agencies, and web enthusiasts!

Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction showcases design inspiration for web designers and developers daily with plenty of awesome resources. If you’re looking for some freebies and resources with your daily dose of inspiration, be sure to follow Graphic Design Junction.

Zeka Design

This Pinterest account curated by Yaroslav Iakovlev, a graphic designer who specializes in poster design and branding projects, is chock-full of awesome graphic design inspiration, tutorials, and tips! (It’s also super well organized, which always gets brownie points from me.)

The best web design Pinterest accounts


The Awwwards is a website that hands out awards for design, creativity, and innovation on the internet. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that their Pinterest highlights the best of the best in web design! With boards like Site of the Day, this account will help you discover some of the best websites in the world.

css points

You guessed it, this Pinterest account is full of CSS tutorials, demo code examples, guides, and much more! With boards like WordPress Themes and UI/UX design, this profile is perfect for any front-end designer or developer.


Globant’s Pinterest profile provides “creative links for creative people.” Some of their boards highlight awesome wireframes and web design inspo, while others touch on design theory, branding, and style guide inspo. You’ll find a little bit of everything here!


Nicepage is a software that helps you build stunning websites and themes with more than 4,000 templates. Their Pinterest has a little bit of everything:  from web design inspiration, to food, wedding, and travel sites. The kicker? Each pin in their boards uses a Nicepage template to show you what your site could look like if you use their product!

Interface Market

Interface Market provides beautiful, ready-to-use app UI kits for UI/UX designers and developers, so their Pinterest profile is dedicated to just that! Whether you’re designing an app for food delivery, eCommerce, or fitness, you’ll find plenty of UI inspo here.

Qode Interactive

If you’re a WordPress designer or developer, Qode Interactive’s Pinterest is perfect for you. Highlighting hundreds of premium WordPress themes, this account is guaranteed to invoke inspiration for what your next site should look like!

The UX Blog

If you’re looking for inspiration or tips on UI and UX, this is the profile for you. There are great examples for designers and developers based on colors, research, and business strategy. And if you’re a fan of the actual blog, many of the articles can be found on The UX Blog board.

Web Design Inspiration

Talk about resource overload (in a good way)! Web Design Inspiration has great freebies and “best of” boards for every designer and developer, as well as tons of fun content for your everyday life. There are plenty of pins to dive into, so make sure you grab a cup of coffee as you start scrolling.

The best Pinterest accounts for agencies


If you’re a design entrepreneur looking to grow your side gig into a full blown agency, HubSpot (and their hundreds of resources) is here to help. Their boards cover everything from productivity hacks to a slew of webinars and infographics dedicated to helping you grow your agency’s marketing efforts!

Miller Branding Agency

If you’re an agency that wants to get in on the Pinterest game to show off your stuff, but aren’t sure how, take a note from Miller Branding. They use their Pinterest to “uncover trends as they happen,” so they’re constantly adding to their boards (and most of what they add is the work they’ve done as an agency!)

Lennox Creative Co.

Lennox Creative Co. is another great example of what your agency’s Pinterest could look like! The services that Chelsea at Lennox Creative Co. provides match up perfectly to the boards she has on her page. While Pinterest is a great inspo tool, it can absolutely be used for marketing yourself, as well!

Lindsay Humes

Lindsay Humes is a freelance designer that gets more than 1.4 million viewers on Pinterest a month! She’s done this by curating super specific boards that are both visually eye catching and highly informative for other designers, just like you!


Are you a web agency or freelance developer that isn’t sure how to incorporate Pinterest into their agency’s marketing strategy? Take a note from Webile’s book! Think of Pinterest like your portfolio, and each board can be used for each client you’d like to highlight or each industry you work with. Before you know it, your Pinterest page will look great!

The best typography Pinterest accounts


FontShop is a premier retailer for desktop, web, and mobile typefaces with over 150,000 fonts, and their Pinterest profile highlights quite a few of them. They have dozens of creative boards (and titles) that are sure to bring some inspiration and a good laugh!

Lettering Daily

If you’re looking for lettering inspiration, this Pinterest page is perfect for you! Lettering Daily has a mix of logo and typography inspiration, as well as a slew of tutorials for hand lettering and calligraphy enthusiasts.


If you’re looking for some classic font inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. MyFonts claims to be the world’s largest collection of fonts for print, products, and screens, and their Pinterest page shows just that!

The Letterist

The Letterist offers a gorgeous aesthetic with an artfully designed, typographically inspired, wistfully worded, and exceptionally crafted Pinterest page that focuses on print lettering. If you’re a manuscript artist or looking to master freehand typography, this account is perfect for you!


Pixelcolours offers a perfectly pink palette of fonts, illustrations, and lettering inspo. Find tons of freebies, DIYs, and carefully curated design inspiration on this Pinterest account!

Wilde Mae Studio

Wilde Mae Studio’s account is everything I like to see in a Pinterest page: a clear design aesthetic, an on-point color palette, and clear organization that lets your followers know exactly what they’ll be getting by following you. This typography studio focuses on curating lettering, patterns, and mood pins for creatives, dreamers, and magic makers.

A few more design Pinterest accounts I love

Creative Review

This London-based magazine has a Pinterest anyone would envy. The clean and organized profile is great for designers, advertisers, and marketers. If you still can’t get enough of their content, be sure to check out their website.

Delightful Design

With a plethora of pins and boards, Delightful Design’s Pinterest has a little bit of everything if you’re in the creative industry. This agency has a soft spot for minimalism, and it shows across their Pinterest page.


Dribbble is dedicated to building the world’s best community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired, so it’s fitting for their Pinterest to have hundreds of resources, blogs, and podcasts for designers to dive into!


Miagrphx is a designer and self-proclaimed daydreamer with a kickass Pinterest profile. Her bright yet professional brand shows through in all her boards – not to mention her uncanny organization! The boards are organized by overall category and sub-topic.


Muzli by inVision claims to be the secret source for all the design inspiration you may need. Discover some of the best web design inspiration, best illustrations, web trends, as well as opinions and articles from design experts across the web here.

Station Seven

Station Seven is a business that empowers entrepreneurs to take control of their online presence, and their Pinterest invokes the same feeling of freedom. Find tips for blogging, money making, and branding at this aesthetically pleasing Pinterest page!


WE AND THE COLOR, is a blog for stunning graphic design, illustrations, art, photography, architecture, and film making, so you can bet that their Pinterest account is going to follow suit. Their chic and simple profile is perfect for all types of designers.

What’s next

Is Pinterest inspiration not quite cutting it? Maybe you need to plan a quick trip to seek that inspo you’ve been searching for! But, planning for a trip can be stressful as a designer. So, we created this nifty little checklist for you so you can kick back and relax knowing you’re prepped and have everything you need.

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