Fixes: Rogue One – A Flywheel Story

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It is a period of web development war. The REST API, striking from its hidden base in WordPress 4.7, has won its first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal a copy of the latest Features and Fixes in the Flywheel app. They even turned them into a conveniently bulleted list for you to easily glance at. Very thoughtful, those Rebels:

  • Have you ever been trying to bullseye a womp rat in your T-16 back home and thought “It sure would be useful to test SSL on my Flywheel site before pointing DNS?” Now you can, because our temporary “” domains now support Simple SSL! Head on over to the Add-ons tab of your site to test it out for yourself.
  • Our Stats tab is back from a mission around the forest moon of Endor, and it’s better than ever! It has a spiffy new coat of paint to match our recent UI updates, and also has some nifty new behind-the-scenes features that set us up for cool things coming soon. You can check it out by clicking the “Stats” tab in your site’s dashboard.
  • We now support bulk plans in Tokyo and individual plans in India! Using either of those data centers should give much better performance to users in Asia, though page speeds might still be sluggish if you’re on Tattooine or Hoth.
  • A few of you Rebels noticed that the country flags weren’t showing when you tried to add a site to your bulk plan. That’s a surefire way to end up coming out of hyperspace into an asteroid field, so we fixed that right up.