9 reasons why your blog should be on WordPress

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WordPress has been around for a long time (practically centuries in internet-years), and it’s the #1 platform for building a blog. But is it really the best option?

If you know anything about Flywheel, you know that we love WordPress. But do you know why?

In short, WordPress is an incredibly robust platform that’s ideal for your blog. There are lots of reasons why WordPress is great, and here are nine of them:

1. You own it

When you’ve got a self-hosted WordPress site, you’ve got true ownership. You can do whatever you want with your site, however you want. You’re in complete control.

2. Solutions abound

WordPress is the #1 platform for websites in the entire world. If you know anyone with a website, odds are good that they’re using WordPress.

Now, your mother probably warned you not to jump off a bridge just because everyone else is doing it…and “because everyone else is” generally isn’t a good reason for doing something. But in the case of WordPress, it’s a GREAT thing. Anything you want to do with your blog has probably been done before, which means that 99.9% of the time, the solution already exists.

Plugins, themes, and even developers abound for WordPress blogs. That means you’ll never have to reinvent the wheel…you’ll just have to find what works and implement it.

3. Some security is built in

While WordPress is pretty secure right out of the box, it’s not impenetrable. When you own your own site, you also own the responsibility for backing it up and making it as secure as possible. A big piece of your site security is built within the site itself — things like using complex usernames and passwords, and keeping your themes and plugins updated.


But other aspects of security come into play with your hosting provider. You can pick any ol’ hosting provider and beef up security on your end…but why take the chance? Finding a good hosting company is a big step toward a secure site. And this isn’t too difficult to do, either!

At Flywheel, we specialize in site security and stability. We do all the thinking (and doing) for you, so you can rest easy knowing your site is safe. Learn all about it here!

4. There’s always an answer

Much like there’s always a solution for what you want to do, there’s also going to be an answer to any question you have. WordPress is open source and run by an active, devoted community of volunteers.

“Because WordPress is so well-established, there’s no shortage of experts who can help you out. ” You can always visit the robust user forum to post questions and search for answers or get in touch with your hosting provider to work out any issues. And don’t forget your favorite search engine – there’s a sea of content about addressing this and that issue with WordPress, written by other bloggers.

5. It’s easy to manage

Managing your blog in WordPress is a snap. The user interface in WordPress is intuitive and relatively easy to navigate. There might be a slight learning curve in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long at all to get used to how everything works. Anything in the WordPress back-end can be learned quickly, and because there are so many users now, you’ll never have trouble finding someone to take care of anything you want to outsource, too.

6. It’s not going anywhere

Because WordPress is open source, it’s basically community-run software. It’s held together by a huge group of highly invested volunteers who want to keep it growing and well maintained. There’s no corporate command from on high that could shut it down at a moment’s notice – it’s it’s own “thing” with a strong base that will keep it rooted firmly in place for the foreseeable future.

7. It supports multimedia

Blogging isn’t just about words – it’s about images, videos, illustrations, sound recordings, and more. WordPress’s built-in media library functionality makes it incredibly easy to upload and manage all of your media and then insert whatever you’d like right into the post. Having all your media right at your fingertips makes your blog more robust and engaging, and WordPress keeps it all in-house.


8. It’s SEO-friendly

SEO is pretty much everything right now for bloggers. Getting found easily on search engines is one of the keys to your blog’s growth, and WordPress makes search engine optimization easy.

It’s got strong SEO right out of the box, but there’s a host of plugins that make further SEO adjustments even more effective. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge or background to optimize your blog…you just have to be on WordPress.

(Ok, you don’t have to be on WordPress, but it sure does help!)

9. You aren’t limited to blogging

WordPress was originally built for blogs and is a fantastic blogging platform, but it’s not limited to that anymore. You can do anything you want with a WordPress site. That means that when your blog grows and you want to branch into other ventures like eCommerce, online courses, or membership sites, you won’t have to move to another platform. You can add on all of those features right in WordPress!

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