7 free ebooks to help you master WordPress

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Ready to master WordPress? Whether you’re a brand new user or someone who’s worked with it for a while, these ebooks will help you expand your WordPress knowledge and become a web-designing pro.

So fill up your coffee mug, curl up with a blanket, and enjoy a little light reading with these seven free ebooks!

WordPress 101


New to WordPress? Welcome! There’s a lot to learn, but we’ll take it slow and steady to help you become a WordPress pro in no time. By the end of this ebook, you’ll know what WordPress is, the basics of using it, and where to go next to learn more! Download it here.

Everything you need to know about website caching


Caching is a word that gets thrown around a lot. “Caching will increase your site speed!” “Caching is key to your site’s performance!” But, what exactly is it? And why is it so important when you’re designing a site?

This ebook will help you understand just that; what website caching is, when to use it, and how to use it effectively. Ready to cash in by caching your WordPress site? Download it here.

Common rookie WordPress mistakes


You’ve just started out with WordPress. Congrats! Welcome to a brilliant publishing platform with an incredibly warm and awesome community. Since you’re here, there are some things you should know about working with WordPress. Don’t make the same mistakes some beginners make. Here are 7 of those mistakes to avoid when you get started. Download it here.

How to implement custom post types and custom fields in WordPress


WordPress isn’t just limited to blogging anymore — it’s a fully featured content management system capable of displaying and formatting any kind of content you give it. So let’s talk about two great ways to extend WordPress: custom post types and custom fields. Download it here.

Understanding how WordPress uses MySQL


MySQL is incredibly powerful, but the stock database that powers WordPress also happens to be lightweight and robust. One of the best parts of a powerful CMS like WordPress is that it handles all of the database management for the user and abstracts it away from the end user. WordPress users, and even designers, don’t have to be intimately acquainted with how the database works. However, if you’re interested in really understanding how WordPress works, this ebook is for you. Download it here.

How to improve WordPress speed and performance


You’ve spent months designing a stunning WordPress site and working to create something truly special. Now you’ve launched it to the public, and yay! You’re all done. But, wait…it’s kind of slow. You know that site speed is crucial to your success, which is why you want your site to have the best speed and performance possible.

This free guide has 7 straightforward steps you can use to increase your WordPress site’s performance and speed today. It covers every best WordPress performance practice from optimizing web assets like images, JavaScript, and CSS, to performing a comprehensive plugin audit.

Before you knock down the door of your web host, add a ton of sketchy plugins, or spend hours tuning caching tools, follow these 7 easy steps to improve your WordPress site’s speed and performance. Download it here.

The ultimate guide to managing 50+ WordPress sites


From managing servers to struggling with security plugins, these non-billable burdens are pieces that you and your team don’t have to manage. Get back to doing what you love and learn how to grow your agency with Flywheel!

In six chapters, we’ll cover everything from easily migrating hundreds of sites (for free) to scaling intelligently with Flywheel’s workflow tools as your client base grows. Ready to manage those sites like a pro? Download it here.

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