7 must-have WordPress plugins for your business site

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If you’ve taken your business online, you know it’s not easy.

There are a zillion things to do: offer support, answer pre-sales questions, track leads, onboard customers, create sales funnels, and so many more.

But if you’ve chosen to build your site on WordPress, you’ve got a head start because there are plugins to do all these tasks. Here are seven handy WordPress plugins for your business website to get you more leads, customers, and sales.

Support: Lay a solid foundation for your business

Poor customer service costs $41 billion per year to the US alone. That’s huge. Support ticket systems can get expensive but if you’re using WordPress, you can offer stellar support using some free plugins.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System


WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System is a feature-packed, responsive, and trending WordPress support plugin.

You can allow your users to submit tickets from the front-end, or you can also do it on their behalf from the back-end.

Most support ticket solutions require you to pay per agent on a monthly basis, but if you use this plugin, you can eliminate this cost altogether. In addition to custom agent user roles, this plugin also creates a custom role called “Supervisor.” The supervisor can assign tickets to agents as required.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System also allows you to create notes on tickets that your support team can refer. Plus, canned responses are also inbuilt.

Learn how to layer support for your clients. Follow these tips to set them up for success.

Chat: Answer questions in real-time

57% of consumers prefer assistance over live chat. Don’t ignore them. Stay available and capture hot leads by answering their questions quickly on chat.

Tidio Chat


Tidio Chat is an upcoming WordPress chat plugin. It lets your site visitors begin a chat session with you, or you can begin one with any of the online visitors on your site.

Tidio Chat also allows you to collect messages from your site visitors even when you’re not online. You can use the email that the site visitors leave while sending the offline messages to follow-up with them.

It’s possible to customize Tidio Chat’s color scheme to match your business colors. All chat sessions (or the chat history) can be found in the plugin’s panel in your site’s backend.

Multi-lingual: Explain your offer in maximum languages

Now this one’s a no-brainer. Speak to your customers in their language. 90% of Internet users prefer to surf online in their native language.



Polylang is one of the most downloaded multilingual WordPress plugins. It lets you translate your WordPress site content including posts, pages, categories, and even tags to more than 40 languages.

Polylang does just one thing, but it’s incredible at it. RTL languages, i.e., languages that read from right to left like Arabic, are also supported.

With Polylang, users can access a language switch widget on your site’s sidebar to choose the language they want to read your content in.

Power tool: Tweak your site within minutes

Eliminate the overhead of involving a designer and developer each time you want to add a simple element to your site. Also avoid site bloating due to too many plugins for adding nifty elements.

Shortcodes Ultimate


Shortcodes Ultimate is the most popular WordPress shortcodes plugin. It offers a list of 50+ shortcodes that can be used to create elements like QR codes, galleries, buttons, tabs, headings, testimonials, progress bars, and many more.

Shortcodes Ultimate is responsive, multi-lingual, and can be used with a ton of WordPress themes.

Leads: Gather insights about leads

Only 56% of B2B organizations verify leads before passing them on to the sales team. Be one of them. When you know as much as you can about your leads, you can make qualified decisions about them. Know your customers better with Leadin.



Leadin is an impressive WordPress lead tracking plugin. It allows  you to track your web visitors’ journeys once they land on your site.

With Leadin installed, whenever a visitor fills any form on your site, this web visitor is considered as a contact. Leadin then pulls all the publicly available information about this contact, like the contact’s social media profiles, work profile, location, and so on. This information could be of great help when you reach out to the contact.

Once a visitor is onboarded as a lead, the visitor’s history, sessions on your site, and additional information are all made available to you.

Leadin also has a slideout email optin form, so you can use it capture leads by offering freebies or deals.

Onboarding: Offer easy support and onboarding content

If you get too many emails asking for instructions or if your trial signups never seem to convert, there’s something wrong with your onboarding process. Fix it using CM Onboarding.

CM Onboarding


CM OnBoarding is a handy WordPress onboarding plugin. It lets you create guidance widgets that can be added to your site’s posts or pages.

With CM OnBoarding, you add multiple help widgets on your site to help your visitors understand how to use your product or solution. These widgets are searchable, so if there’s anything that your users are struggling with, they can search for those specific topics.

Does your onboarding process need some work? Follow this advice to make valuable for your clients (and for you!)

Speed: Create a blazing fast site

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. See how close you can get with Speed Booster Pack.

Speed Booster Pack


Speed Booster Pack is a trusted WordPress speed optimizer plugin. It cuts a lot of flab around your site’s loading scripts and code to help you achieve blazing fast loading times.

Speed Booster Pack eliminates external render-blocking Javascript and CSS, minifies CSS styles, adjusts image file compression levels, and does a lot more to make your site load faster.

By using Speed Booster Pack, you should see improvements in your site’s performance on testing tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, YSlow, and Pingdom, among others.

Marketing: Hubspot

hubspot marketing wordpress plugin

Launching your website is one thing, but how it converts can make or break the return on the time and money you’ve invested in creating a site! By integrating WordPress and Hubspot, you have the ability to capture leads and add forms to help grow your business and find new potential customers. It’s a digital marketer’s dream team!

Is your website still slow? This ebook will boost its performance out of this world! Download now.

I hope these plugins help you maximize your business. What other plugins do you use on your business site? Do share in the comments!

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  1. Patrick

    November 24, 2015

    I am intending to relaunch my website by next month. I have taken note on some of the plugins mentioned above like the onboarding and support ticketing. Those are the few elements i believe i did not pay attention to on my old website. Thanks for this article.

  2. Mary Martin

    August 28, 2018

    Great collection. You described an amazing list of plugins.
    I have just installed the User Activity Log Plugin on my website.
    It is very helpful for monitoring and tracking of all the activities occurs on the admin side.
    Visit Now:

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