3 ways testimonials can help you build a better agency

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Building a successful business is no easy feat, especially in the world of web design development. Every day, it seems like there’s a new kid on the block, fresh out of design school and ready to compete for your clients. In order to keep your agency moving on the right path and bringing in new business, you need to find ways to stand out above the rest and grab people’s attention. One way to do that? Good old testimonials.

It’s not a new concept, but it’s a good one – case studies really do work. And if your agency isn’t taking advantage of this simple technique yet, you’re potentially missing out on lots of leads and easy ways to keep scaling your agency.


While many people may think testimonials are just a way to brag about yourself, they actually serve a variety of purposes that are all incredibly useful for your business. Here are three ways testimonials can help you build a better design agency!

“Testimonials aren’t just for bragging – they help drive your business forward. ”

1. Testimonials help you sell your services

Alright, let’s start with the most obvious benefit of case studies – first and foremost, they’re a selling tool! When a potential client is looking at your site or browsing through your portfolio, sometimes it’s helpful for them to know how you actually work with people; what the experience is like. Sure, it’s great to see past projects, but without a little context, they can only go so far to explain the value of your services.


“Testimonials are a great opportunity to showcase how people feel when working with you. ” Even if you’re prompting past clients for testimonials, whatever comes out of it will feel authentic, and any potential clients reading them will be able to sense that.

They’re much more relatable than an “About Page” or portfolio piece, which helps clients overcome any hurdles they’re facing when deciding to work with you or not. And this doesn’t just apply to new business, either. If you’re trying to upsell current clients, case studies can help do the extra work of convincing them to utilize more of your services.

2. Testimonials can help you find your niche

You’ve heard it before – finding a niche for your agency is the key to success. While there’s some debate about this, you can’t deny that there is some strategy behind zoning in on a specific type of clientele.

If you don’t know who your ideal client is yet, testimonials can help you realize which clients are getting the most out of your services. Let’s say you’re taking on a variety of clients right now, everything from eCommerce sites to small bakeries to gyms. If your best case studies are all coming from people who own gyms or fitness businesses, that might be a sign that you have a special connection with those types of clients – that the way you work really resonates with them.

At the very least, it’s definitely interesting to see if any patterns arise when collecting testimonials from past clients. Which leads us to the last benefit…

3. Testimonials provide honest feedback about your business

When you’re collecting case studies from clients, it’s obviously a good opportunity to hear what went well. But if you’re open to it, it’s also an opportunity to learn what you could improve.


Even if you don’t ask directly for things your agency could do better, again, look for any patterns when you’re receiving testimonials from clients. If everyone mentions how great the work is, but no one really talks about the onboarding process, that may be a clue that you need to spend a little more time focusing on it.

If you’re really open to this type of feedback, you could always directly ask clients at the same time as asking for a testimonial. Instead of simply asking for a quote for your site, ask a few questions like:

  • What was your favorite part of this process?
  • How has [insert agency] helped your business?
  • How could we continue to improve for your next project?

Coming up with some specific questions like this can also help you get even better quotes, instead of simply asking clients for an open-ended testimonial.

Case studies are really a wonderful way to sprinkle a little “social proof” around website and onboarding materials, and to learn what your agency’s strengths (and weaknesses) are. If you don’t have any testimonials yet, take the time to reach out to past clients and ask them about their experience with you. Then, start a Google Doc specifically for testimonials, and update it anytime you receive new feedback. You’ll quickly build a “library” of quotes and case studies to pull from for use on your site, social media, or during the onboard process.

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Do you use testimonials to seal the deal with clients? How have they worked for you in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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