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One of the wonderful things about web design is that there’s always more to learn. A new language like JavaScript, a new CSS technique, a new trick to make your site fully responsive….the list goes on and on. And as the web evolves, so do best practices for designers. Thankfully there are plenty of online resources to help you keep up, whether you’re just starting out or just looking to learn more.

If you’re ready to expand your skills, sign up for one of these online courses for WordPress designers.

The basics of web design

If you’re new to designing for the web, you’ll want to start with the basics. These are the fundamental ideas you’ll need to know and the essential skills you’ll want to master before building a full site.

Web Design from the Ground Up

This class,  instructed by Steven Taylor, will teach you how to build a website from scratch. Offered by Udemy for $98, this course will give you access to 38 lectures and 10 hours of video. You’ll be introduced to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plus learn about web hosting and registering a domain name.


Don’t Fear the Internet

Don’t Fear the Internet is a collaborative project between Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer to teach non-web designers the basics of HTML and CSS. While it’s not necessarily a class, this series of video tutorials is a fantastic resource for anyone just starting out. Plus, it’s completely free!



This site is full of interactive exercises that will help you learn how to code websites or understand languages like JavaScript. While you can upgrade to a pro account to unlock more options, you can also just log in with Facebook or Google and get coding for free.


HTML/JS: Making Webpages Interactive

As you become familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, check out this course to learn more about making your websites more interactive. Much like Codecademy, Khan Academy offers free courses with videos and quizzes to help you fully learn the topics.


Essential CSS Libraries for Web Designers

Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, check out this course by Adi Purdila on Envato Tuts+. You’ll learn about 10 CSS libraries that are essential for web designers, such as animation, typography, and transition related libraries. You can view a couple of the videos for free, but the full course is only $5.


Want more libraries to make your life easier? Try these eight JavaScript libraries.

Intro to WordPress

A recent study revealed that 25% of the web is powered by WordPress. That’s incredible! So now that you’ve got the basics of web design down, you’re ready to start learning about WordPress.

Learn WordPress

Treehouse has put together a fantastic introductory guide for new WordPress users. You’ll learn how to install WordPress, gain a basic understanding of how to build a site, and begin to cover topics such as user roles and admin settings.



This site will help you learn WordPress in just one hour! Their video library is always up to date with the latest version of WordPress so you can always stay current with your practices. Pay per month, annually, or even a flat rate of $75 for lifetime access.


WordPress Essentials

This course by WP Apprentice will teach you all about the essentials of WordPress and help you become confident in your web design work. Lifetime access is $47, plus you can learn at your own pace – you can rewatch videos when you need to or revisit tricky topics.


How to Properly Make a Website with WordPress – Beginner’s Tutorial

This course by James Stafford will teach you how to set up a WordPress site step-by-step. You’ll learn how to drive traffic, gain new customers, and increase cash flow. The best part – you can enroll for free!


Speeding Up WordPress

Once you’ve gotten the hang of creating a WordPress site, learn how to make it faster. This course by Topher DeRosia will help you speed up your site with some super simple tricks. You will need to take the WordPress Beginner course from OSTraining first, but for $15 a month, you get access to all courses. OSTraining is also offering a free WordPress Training weekend December 5th and 6th. Head here for details.


Now that you’ve mastered WordPress, help your clients understand it. Just follow this guide.

Responsive design

As you know, responsive design is incredibly important for mobile users and you need to start thinking in terms of mobile-first development. These courses will help you understand how to design responsively and provide an excellent user experience.

Responsive Images

This course will help you understand what responsive images are and exactly how to use them on your site. Morten Rand-Hendriksen will also explain how to get responsive images to work in older browsers. For more design knowledge from, just check out these other WordPress courses and tutorials (there are over 2,000!) Or for a free 10-day trial, just head to this link. 


Designing a Responsive Portfolio Site

Does your portfolio look good on every device your customers view it on? If your answer is no, you should sign up for this course immediately. Craig Campbell teaches you how to determine the breakpoints for a portfolio site early in your process (during the mockup phase). Get access to all Envato Tuts+ tutorials for $15 per month, or just buy this course for $5.


Responsive Web Design: Mobile First Approach with HTML5 and CSS3

Remember that mobile-first approach I mentioned earlier? This course will help you learn how to design a site with that mindset. Danny Florian will help you create a mobile site from scratch, or you can apply what you learn to a current site. Just enroll for the class through Skillshare.


Journey into Mobile

This course by Jason VanLue will teach you mobile-first, adaptive, and responsive web design concepts. Learn how to create a fluid layout and make your site look perfect on every screen size. You can start the course for free, or pay per month or year for access to all Code School content.

Responsive Design Fundamentals

If you really want to dive into responsive design, you should consider taking this two-week course that’s built by Google. Taught by Pete LePage and Cameron Pittman, you’ll learn how to create a website that looks beautiful and works flawlessly on every device. And the best part – it’s completely free!


Build a Responsive Website with a Modern Flat Design

This course by Simplilearn will teach you how to use a website template to create a responsive site. You’ll further your skills in HTML5 and CSS while also learning to design more efficiently. For just $49, this course gives you access to 14 lectures and two hours of content.


WordPress development

If you love using HTML, CSS, and other coding languages, you should consider furthering your development skills. You could develop WordPress themes or plugins, or create some crazy customizations for your sites. Check out these courses to learn more about development.

WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a powerful tool that can help you customize WordPress themes. With this course, you will learn how to utilize it to create custom WordPress themes that are responsive and profitable. Taught by Brad Hussey, this course gives you access to 82 lectures and over 13 hours of video. It normally costs $97 but we’re excited to offer you an exclusive discount. And for even more coding challenges from Brad that won’t put you to sleep, check out

Use this link to access the full course for just $15.



WordPress Development

This course by Treehouse will dive into some of the advanced topics of developing a WordPress site. You’ll work with action and filter hooks, learn how to locally develop WordPress, and cover an introduction to PHP.


Ultimate WordPress Plugin Course

For those of you interested in developing WordPress plugins, Joel Funk can teach you how to plan and execute your project. You’ll work from the beginning idea to the final project (which is an email list building plugin) and then will learn how to customize and sell plugins online. The course normally costs $97 for 49 lectures and nine hours of video, but we’re excited to offer you an exclusive discount.

To access the full course for only $15, check out Flywheel’s Creative Toolbox.


WordPress Coding Standards

It might be hard to imagine right now, but one day you might just have a partner or even a whole agency! And if other people have to dive into your code, you’ll want to make sure they know what you were thinking. Check out this course by Tom McFarlin to follow some general standards when writing code and keep things organized.


WordPress Development Workflow

Don’t have a solid workflow in place yet? This three-part webinar by Carrie Dils and Mika Epstein will help you organize your life and establish your workflow. You’ll learn about version control, developing locally, pushing updates to your live site, and much more.


Once you develop a WordPress product, you’ll want to market it. Here are some easy ways to get your product discovered.

Get down to business

Besides the technical skills you need to be a successful web designer, there are a few other topics you’ll want to understand. Take these courses to round out your education and be the best WordPress designer on the block.

SEO for Ecommerce

SEO is important for every site, but especially for eCommerce sites. You want people to buy your products, right? This course by Steve Harris will teach you techniques that are specifically meant for eCommerce sites to keep your products ranking high on search engines.


Accessibility for WordPress

This course by Joe Dolson will introduce you to the idea of web accessibility. Learn best practices for your site to make sure every user who tries to access it can find the information that they need without having to look too hard.


Creative Class

If you’re hoping to be a successful freelance web designer, you need to have an understanding of the business side of things. Clients, invoicing, marketing, and sales. And to most creative folks, these topics aren’t always the most fun. This class by Paul Jarvis will help you learn the business stuff so you can get back to the fun stuff.


Branding Essentials for Designers

Even if you work for a killer agency, it’s important to always promote your own work, too. This is where branding comes into play. This course by Stanley Hainsworth will help you learn how to keep a consistent brand and put out a strategic message about yourself as a designer. For $79, you’ll gain access to 14 lectures and exclusive resources from Creative Live.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to awesome online courses for WordPress designers. If you’ve taken a class that didn’t make it on this list, let us know! We’d love to keep growing it with your suggestions.

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