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7 inspiring web design trends for 2019

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One of the reasons I love the world of web design are the ever-changing patterns and trends that emerge every year. While designers and developers have more freedom than ever to find their personal visual style, there are some trends that seem to span industries, verticals, and businesses.

Sometimes these trends bring a sense of nostalgia, other times they get us thinking about the future.

Usually, they also just make us go, “Wow!”

No matter what kind of project you’re getting ready to tackle, I’ve collected a list of wonderful web design trends for 2019 to kickstart your inspiration. Not only are there some great examples, but a free email course to help you learn exactly how to master these trends!

The 2019 web design trends are: 

  1. Single-page websites
  2. Sticky navigation elements
  3. Duotone images
  4. Intertwined typography
  5. Neon sign treatment
  6. Card layouts
  7. Glitch effects

Single-page websites

2019 web design trend: single-page sites

Maybe it’s parallax, maybe it’s short and simple. Either way, single-page sites are here to stay!

You’ve likely seen this trend before, in a variety of formats. And that’s exactly why it’s still a popular web design trend – there are so many different applications. From long-scrolling sites with a story to tell to simplified, minimalist designs, single-page sites offer a lot of room for flexibility despite their small page count.

Plus, one-page websites have a natural tendency to feel extra engaging to users, because they only have to focus on one-action: scrolling. By eliminating complicated navigation options and simplifying your site, you can focus on the opportunity to engage your site visitors.

Every Last Drop is a great example of a site that excels in single-page storytelling. With only a single action to focus on (scrolling) it gives you the perfect opportunity to just sit back and read, which is exactly what they want you to do!

Sticky navigation elements

sticky header tutorial feature image

Next up on this list of web design trends is one that pairs perfectly with single-page sites: sticky navigation elements.

By “sticky,” I’m talking about things like navbars stuck to the top of the page, back-to-top buttons at the bottom of the screen, or floating sidebars of social icons. These accessible navigation elements increase the usability of your site and help your users get where they need to go, which is always a trend to recommend.

And like I mentioned, this pairs well with single-page sites, particularly sticky back-to-top buttons. By combining these web design trends, you’re one step closer to creating beautiful sites with great user experience!

Duotone images

layout by flywheel web design trends 2018

Duotone images have been popular for a few years now (remember the 2016 Spotify ads?), but they’re so easy to incorporate and fun to execute that they’re still worthy of making the list!

One reason duotone imagery remains a top web design trend is that it can be combined with so many other design styles. You could use it as a hover event to add an element of whimsy to your website. You can overlay the duotone on an image to make it match your brand colors. You might even use it as the feature image of your homepage, to make a bold first impression for site visitors. Holm Marcher & Co. is a great example of how duotone imagery can give a website such a beautiful aesthetic!

When I say the opportunities are endless with a duotone image, I really do mean it.

Intertwined typography

layout by flywheel web design trends 2018 intertwined typography mums the word calligraphy text weaving in and out of photo of mums

Calling all fans of three-dimensional elements and typography. This web design trend if for you!

Intertwined typography layers various elements of text and graphics to pull out certain details and trick the eye into seeing it as a 3D object. While this trend is increasingly popular with types of design like calligraphy, wedding invitations, and floral patterns, there are so many ways to incorporate this look into your web design work and add some extra dimension to your designs! It also pairs well with beautiful flowing shapes and lines, another graphic design trend.

Neon sign treatment

layout by flywheel web design trends 2018 neon sign treatment word hustle glowing pink neon sign on dark bring wall

Neon signs traditionally attract attention from their bright glow and brighter colors. While you might think it’s hard to incorporate something so vibrant in a digital design, neon sign treatments are blowing up campaigns everywhere. Why? It makes a perfect, stand-out call to action!

It’s all about creating that glowing, futuristic light that fills you with wonder while also reminding you of a small town bar. The perfect balance between old and new!

Card layouts

While you may associate card layouts with social sites like Pinterest, they’re actually a very useful design for a wide variety of websites. Think about it: Card layouts let you share a lot of information in an easy, digestible way. Plus, they encourage users to keep scrolling. (Sound like any other trends we’ve talked about so far?!)

So whether you’re building a blog or arranging your about page, a card layout design is a great trend to keep in mind when laying out your wireframe. From portfolio pieces to blog articles to customer testimonials, there are a bunch of ways (big and small!) to implement a card design on your site.

Glitch effects

layout by flywheel web design trends 2018 glitch effect robot on green background with glitch lines and color blurring

While there are so many different ways to create motion on the web, one of my favorites is with a glitch effect! Depending on how you use it, this web design trend can give your designs that old-tech feel or a futuristic curiosity.

While there isn’t much function behind a glitch-effect, it’s a great way to surprise your site visitors with an unexpected element. Just be sure not to make it too realistic, so they don’t think something has gone wrong with your website!

Next: Get the look!

You can get all the resources to create all these trends for free just by signing up for Flywheel’s Web Design Trends email course! It’ll help you take a further look into each trend and give you everything you need to make it yourself. Sweet, right?

What web design trend are you most excited for in 2019? Any you’re starting to learn? Share in the comments!

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