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Why WordPress is the best solution for Adobe Business Catalyst users

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It was recently announced that Adobe Business Catalyst will be discontinuing its services. There is a little wiggle room for sites still on the platform, as the end-of-life date was pushed back to March 26, 2021. While you can still host your sites on the platform until then, Adobe will no longer allow sites to be added as of August 27th, 2018.

The worst news? “There’s no real one-to-one conversion solution when it comes to switching from Adobe Business Catalyst. But there are some great alternative platforms! ”

When it comes to switching your content management system (CMS), you want something that offers ease, simplicity, and will offer what your previous platform gave you, if not more! And, again, while there’s no one-to-one conversion, WordPress (and some hosting options) provide a great alternative.

While the end of Business Catalyst is a cause of concern for current users, there are plenty of solutions to rebuild your sites moving forward.

Why move to WordPress?

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You’ve worked with Adobe Business Catalyst for a while, and you have a great workflow set up. Start by asking: what are the key components you’re looking for when switching to another CMS?

WordPress is a great alternative for several reasons. Perhaps one of the best is that it’s so widely used and managed; WordPress sites make up about 30% of websites now! That means there’s a huge community of people behind this open-source platform. Not to mention, this huge community means there’s a wide range of technical support ranging from local meetups to managed hosting to open forums and more. To help you learn more about WordPress and why it’s a great platform for your Business Catalyst sites, let’s dive deeper into each of these topics.

1.  Open source drives innovation

Because it’s open source, there’s an extremely unlikely chance of WordPress going anywhere anytime soon. Considering the outstanding success of Automattic and the countless other WordPress sites and companies out there, there’s comfort in knowing just how much of the internet world is invested in the WordPress platform.

The other great thing about open source software is that there are constant developments and improvements. This means there are updates on important matters like security and you know it’s backed by people who care a lot about it. Community members will try to hack the system, report bugs, and help fill the gaps in this software. This means there are people constantly working to make the platform stronger and create other solutions on top of WordPress to build up defenses against hackers.

Included in these third-party solutions are plugins and themes created by the community as well. Developers can create custom functionality for themselves and share it with others in the WordPress community through the WordPress plugins and themes directories. (I’ll talk more about these in a minute!)

2. WordPress thrives on community

Because of the volume of people creating and developing with WordPress, there are so many great tools and resources available to help you at every step of the process. From paid support and managed hosting to WordCamps and Facebook groups, there’s no lack of community and support out there.

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If you’re looking for more ways to get involved with the WordPress community, we have some great ideas for you!

Wondering what WordCamps are? They’re a great opportunity to meet and hear from WordPress experts across the world. There are small local ones like WordCamp Omaha and larger events like WordCamp Europe. These events are completely volunteer-organized and are easy to get involved with by speaking, event planning, and so much more. Many groups also sponsor the event or come with displays to share their knowledge and give you an idea of what expertise they can offer. If you’re interested in really joining the community, this is a great way to hear the latest trends and network with your fellow WordPress users!

More than that, there are all kinds of great online resources out there like WPBeginner, Speckyboy, WordPress Tavern, WPism, and here at Layout! And that’s only the start. Many of the experts in the WordPress realm help with events like WordCamps, run their own blogs, and contribute things like plugins, classes, and so much more. If that doesn’t say community, I don’t know what does!

3. Never stress about the technical stuff with managed hosting

Managed WordPress hosting give you the time to focus on doing your best design and development work while somebody else takes care of all the technical, nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s all about finding the right partners and experts who have your back.

Working with a managed WordPress host also provides expert support to help guide you through the transition process. Flywheel, for example, has a team of Happiness Engineers across the world to help you solve any problems you come across during the complex transition process from Business Catalyst to WordPress.

Managed hosting also provides your own dedicated server. That’s ideal in comparison to shared servers because it gives you flexibility when you get site traffic influxes and allows you to grow the site at your own pace.

Interested in learning more about Flywheel’s managed WordPress hosting platform? Learn all about our secure platform and helpful features here!

4. Create every type of site with the flexibility of WordPress

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“Moving your sites over from Business Catalyst might not be the easiest, but the good news is that WordPress is perfectly tuned to create any kind of site! ” Whether your clients own a little ma-and-pop shop, an eCommerce site, a stellar blog, or just a personal portfolio, WordPress is a great solution for any site structure you may want!

The tools in WordPress also provide great options for customization. Plugins give you tons of extra functionality, whether you need an eCommerce integration or just something to manage your “Contact us” form. There are also thousands of WordPress themes, which provide beautiful design and layout options that are great for tailoring your site toward bloggers or portfolios and everything else!

Looking for just the right plugin? Here are 20 of our favorites in this free guide!

If you really want to customize your sites, developing your own themes and plugins might be the way to go. Not to mention, it’s much simpler than you may think! There are tons of resources at your disposal in the plugins and themes directories, and resources to help you make your own are everywhere. If you want to try creating your own plugin, check out this free ebook!


In retrospect, WordPress makes a great content management system alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst for many reasons. The vast community is always there to have your back. There are always people working toward better security and improvements, given that it’s open source software. And managed hosting provides a great resource to help keep you moving, no matter what kind of site you’re building!

“Finding the right CMS for you and your workflow is most important. WordPress might be just the right solution for you! ”

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Interested in learning more? Get to know the platform with this free WordPress 101 ebook!

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All photography in the article was shot by our Flywheel in-house photographer, Kimberly Bailey.

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  1. Win At Web

    May 3, 2018

    Great article to help drive Adobe Business Catalyst users/clients to WordPress. I know a few that I may be able to transition using these points. Can you write another article about Drupal to WordPress since Drupal has had so much security problems as of late?

    Thanks for the update and helpful tips.

    • Morgan Smith

      May 3, 2018

      Glad you enjoyed it! We can definitely look into the Drupal to WordPress process. Stay tuned! :)

      • TomE

        October 24, 2018

        Thank you Morgan, a very helpful and enjoyable read indeed.

  2. Jhone

    May 8, 2018

    Really, WordPress is amazing platform, We never think about any, I will always super.

  3. digital entrepreneur

    November 29, 2018

    Great article to help drive Adobe Business Catalyst users/clients to WordPress. Good admin pannel and cms

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