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We’re exploring the latest and greatest trends in website design with a free email course – and you’re invited! From glitchy graphic effects to CSS grid card layouts, we’re diving into the trends of 2019 to share why they work and how you can implement them on your own site.

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Appealing, inspiring examples. Effective tutorial. Well done!
I got a ton of great ideas from the content you shared, and I really appreciated how concise each email was!
Thanks for providing this great, free resource! I feel like I can incorporate these trends into my own work in a way that’ll help me stand out.
I wasn't sure if I would learn anything from it, but y'all filled it with so much good and useful information that I learned something from each day's email!
This course was so well designed. Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for putting together this awesome short course. I appreciated the specific examples of each design trend!

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