Your agency's management dashboard
Your client's dashboard
Your client's dashboard

White Label

Meet the subscription billing platform that'll help you scale your agency

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White Label offers you a sleek and modern white labeled billing experience under your own brilliant brand. It’s built as an add-on to our world-renowned WordPress hosting platform, so you can resell our services (as well as your own!) to your clients at whatever price you’d like. Create your own recurring revenue stream, deliver a streamlined client experience, and (as always!) leave all the technical details to us.

A client facing dashboard featuring your own brand
Your services, set at your prices
Flywheel's expert support staff to back you up
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Integrated with Stripe, so payments go straight into your bank account!

Your agency's management dashboard

Your agency's management dashboard

What you will see

Your client's dashboard

The client's dashboard

What your client will see

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White Label

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(Regularly $149/MO. Includes $2,500/MO in client billing with 3% overage rate)

  • Requires a Flywheel bulk plan
  • Get special beta pricing for life
  • Automatically bill your clients monthly
  • Proudly display your brand
  • Flywheel stays behind the scenes
  • Your services, your prices

Here's what you get with White Label

We do all the work, you get all the credit

Resell hosting to your clients and pocket the extra profit, all while Flywheel runs quietly in the background. Your clients are interacting with you and only you, allowing you to craft a better-than ever client experience backed by our rock-solid hosting platform and a team of WordPress experts.

A branded client dashboard

Upload your logo and pick the color of your choice to create a billing experience for your client that matches your own brand.

Customized client subscription

Write and create your own monthly subscription and maintenance packages for anything you want! Hosting, security, WordPress upgrades, design work, whatever. Your client offerings are all written in your voice, with your pricing. (Client payments are processed through Stripe and go straight to your bank account!)

An expert, behind-the-scenes support team

If you run into a hosting hiccup or a development dilemma, your client is going to come to you... but little do they know that you’ve got an entire team of WordPress experts at your disposal! Just contact us as usual and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through it.

Automated billing emails

Monthly subscription emails are all super sleek and automated, so you don’t have to worry about tracking down payments, updating client credit cards, or remembering to invoice.

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Questions we hear a lot

How can I qualify for White Label?

For now, White Label is only available as an add-on to a Flywheel bulk plan (10 sites or more). This gives you a pretty significant packaged discount on our hosting plans, so you get better margins when you go to resell our services! You can check out our bulk plan pricing here, or just chat with sales using the form above!

How will my clients pay me?

White Label features a very snazzy Stripe integration! Your clients will set up their monthly billing through the branded dashboard, and payments will go straight into your bank account.

Will my clients know they're on Flywheel?

Nope! All client-facing materials (the dashboard, the monthly emails, etc.) are free of Flywheel branding and include your own logo and the color of your choice, so your clients will have no idea their site is hosted with Flywheel!

Will my clients have access to Flywheel's features?

Nooooo! White Label’s client-facing dashboard serves three purposes for your clients: 1.) so they can see the services you’re providing, 2.) so they can update their billing info on their own, and 3.) so they can have one point of access into the site. They will not be added as a collaborator on the site, and will not have access to stats, logs, DNS, SSL, or any of the features and tools that come on the Flywheel side. The dashboard they access is not a copy of the Flywheel dashboard.

I don't know how to resell hosting... why I should I do it?

What a most excellent question! Reselling WordPress hosting is one of the easiest ways you can add value to your services without a lot of extra work. If you’re nervous about a massive up-front cost, managing servers, or late-night phone calls from your clients, then it’s time to take a deep breath and RELAX! We’ve built an ebook that’s meant to walk you through the process in a nice, easy, breezy way. Check that out here!

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