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Black Flyday 2017 FAQ

What is the Black Flyday deal?

During the Black Flyday promotion, you can get three months free (25% off) on any new annual subscription!

How long does the Black Flyday promotion run?

Black Flyday deals are good from 12:01am CST, Nov. 20th through 11:59pm CST, Nov 27th.

In other words, the promotion starts on the Monday before Black Friday and ends as soon as Cyber Monday is over, all in central standard time!

How do I take advantage of this deal?

Any new annual subscription you sign up for during the promotion will automatically have the special pricing applied; no need to enter a discount code at checkout. (This will be true for any new annual subscriptions you transfer to your clients as well.) All you need to do is make sure you choose to pay annually for your new subscription rather than monthly.

Can I take advantage of this offer on an existing subscription?

The Black Flyday deal is only offered for new annual subscriptions. However, you can have any number of subscriptions on Flywheel, so this is a great opportunity to start up new sites or migrate sites to Flywheel! (We’ll even migrate the sites for free!)

You can choose to upgrade a current monthly description to an annual plan, however. Just click here to do so!

How are the savings calculated?

For an example of how it works: our Tiny plan is $15 per month, which would be a total of $180 over the course of a year.

During the Black Flyday promotion, however, a new annual Tiny plan subscription is $135 instead— $45 (three months) off, which brings you down to just $11.25/month!

Is the Black Flyday deal good for bulk plans?

Yep, bulk plans are included, too, just as long as it’s a new annual subscription!

Does this offer include add-on pricing?

Only the base subscription cost is included in the Black Flyday deal. Add-ons like CDN and Multisite, for example, will still be normal price.

What if I want to take advantage of this offer for a custom plan?

Just get in touch with [email protected]; we’ll be happy to do our best to work with you!

Are you spelling “Friday” that way on purpose…?

Yes! Although if it’s more fun, you can believe that we programmed all our computers to auto-correct “Friday” to “Flyday.” It sounds like something we might do, although it would make discussing certain infamous YouTube music videos a lil’ more difficult…

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