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How to reset your site back to a clean slate

We’ve all been there, especially when starting out with a new site, sometimes you may just want to delete a site and start everything over from a fresh WordPress installation. Fortunately there’s a plugin for exactly this type of situation, WP Reset.


Before resetting your site, it’s important to first create a backup, just in case you need to restore it later.

Install WP Reset

Head over to the Plugins page in your WordPress dashboard and click the Add New button to search for and install the WP Reset Plugin.

search for and install WP Reset plugin

activate WP Reset plugin


Configure the reset settings

Go to Tools > WP Reset and review the settings, changing things as needed. When you’re ready, type “reset” in the box provided and click the Reset Site button.

confirm reset in WP Reset

Confirm the reset one last time in the pop-up/modal that appears

final WP Reset confirmation

Once the reset is complete, you’ll be automatically logged back into the WordPress dashboard.


WP Reset Tools

By default, WP Reset will only delete:

  • Posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media entries, users
  • Default WordPress database tables
  • Custom database tables that have the same prefix “wp_” as default tables

If you’d like to reset theme settings, delete media files, and/or delete plugins and themes, WP Reset includes some additional tools for those. Once the reset is complete and you’re logged back into the WordPress dashboard, head over to  Tools > WP Reset > Tools

Choose which additional items you’d like to reset or remove, clicking the reset or delete button for each.

WP Reset Tools

For instance, if I wanted to clear out the uploads folder, reset theme options, and delete plugins (but leave themes installed) I would click each of the corresponding buttons for those options, confirming the reset or deletion for each when the pop-up/modal appears.

Reset themes, delete plugins, and delete plugins with WP Reset


Remove WP Reset

Once you’ve finished resetting your site, head back over to the Plugins page to deactivate and delete the WP Reset plugin.

Deactivate WP Reset

Delete WP Reset

That’s it, your site is reset and ready for you to begin building it once again.

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