What’s this new Growth Suite product all about?

Updated on May 25th, 2021

Hey there! ?? You’re reading this because you’re a current White Label customer, and your experience in the Flywheel app is about the change…for the better! You’ll soon be grandfathered into our newest product, Growth Suite. Growth Suite allows you to keep track of your clients, set up invoicing, and visualize revenue insights, all still on our trusted and reliable hosting platform.

The goal of Growth Suite is to help you grow quickly and predictably, all while scaling your business through included features and tools. Be the hero to your clients and feel confident in the services you’re selling!

Let’s walk you through 3 key differences of Flywheel’s new Growth Suite product:


Growth Suite builds on the best of White Label

Growth Suite builds on the best of White Label and improves areas of White Label that limited the experience, such as no longer requiring sites to be attached to invoices, and more visibility around currencies.


Growth Suite helps you grow

The top goal of Growth Suite is to help you grow more quickly and predictably, and will help coach you on how to do so through our new revenue dashboard.


Growth Suite will continue to grow

Growth Suite is exactly what it says it is, a suite, so you can expect to see it grow and evolve over time with new features (at no extra cost to you).

Overview of The Changes You Can Expect

What’s Changing?

  • “Clients” will now be a main navigation item
  • You’ll now have a revenue dashboard showcasing valuable and necessary insights to growing your business!
  • The invoice creation flow (for the better!)
  • The service creation flow (also for the better!)
  • The product name
  • You’re now in a product “Suite” that will continue to evolve over time with new and exciting features!

What’s Not Changing?

  • Your Stripe connection
  • Your active subscriptions
  • Your clients
  • Your client’s experience
  • Flywheel’s hosting platform
  • Your price (exception: if you get a decrease in pricing)


Q: When can I expect to see changes in the Flywheel app?
A: You can expect to see the updates in November. We will check in with you at the time of the change to ensure you’re good to go and set up for success. 

Q: Will my pricing change?
A: Pricing will NOT increase for you and, in fact, might actually see a decrease in your bill once you’ve been moved over to Growth Suite! Hooray! 

Q: Will I have the option to keep my old White Label user interface?
A: No, we will be sunsetting the White Label once all White Label customers are moved over to Growth Suite. Trust us, this is a good thing. The billing feature of Growth Suite is very similar to White Label so that portion won’t be too different. 

Q: Will my clients through White Label see any changes as well?
A: Nope, your clients won’t know a thing! There are some very small enhancements to the Client Portal, but we’re saving our big overhaul for a future date ?

Q: Will I have to change anything with my Stripe account?
A: Nope! Your Stripe connection will remain the same and all of your active subscriptions will be untouched and still charging your clients. 

Q: Will there be any action needed on my part during this transition to Growth Suite?
A: Nope! We are doing all the heavy lifting for you. There may be a few (slight) learning curves with the new user interface but we are doing our best to make it as intuitive as possible. 

Q: What is the first feature I can expect with Growth Suite?
A: Get excited for this…Client Reports! You’ll soon be able to send agency-branded reports to your clients (generated from the Flywheel app) with details like site uptime, performance, and more.

Q: I’d love to give feedback on the new product; who can I reach out to?
A: Awesome! We love feedback! Please email all questions or feedback to [email protected]

Thank you so much for being a Flywheel customer and for using our products. We hope to hear from you with feedback, questions, or concerns!

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