Why do WordPress websites get hacked?
Justin Handley

Justin Handley

Justin Handley is an online marketing consultant and automation expert, as well as the founder of ManagedWP.Rocks, a full-service WordPress management company and WebMissionControl.com, a high-speed, stable, and secure WordPress hosting service. He lives in Puerto Rico and likes to surf and hang out with his family in the free time that marketing automation creates in his life.

  • Why do WordPress websites get hacked?

    August 9, 2015 by Justin Handley

    You’ve all heard a horror story of sites being hacked. I read on Forbes that something like 30,000 sites a day show up distributing malicious code. And WordPress is always at a hot center of this debate. But why? Why do you have to install several different systems to keep hackers out? Why do you…

  • How to create your own custom shortcode in WordPress

    July 5, 2015 by Justin Handley

    Sometimes, no matter how cool your theme or how incredible the visual editing plugin you are using is, there is a feature you want that they just don’t have. And the easiest way to add some really cool functionality into your site is with a shortcode. Today I’m going to walk you through an easy…

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