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Using demos to drive conversions

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Having a great product doesn’t guarantee you’ll find lots of interest in it. Often, marketers will spend tons of time optimizing their message and changing up the way they talk about a product in the hopes that more potential customers will see the value. But what if there were an easier way?

Instead of telling your audience about the benefits of your product or service, try showing them through a quick demonstration! Demo videos and demo sites allow your audience to view a product in action so they can plainly see just how useful it can be. 

Our own teams recently experienced this as part of a hackathon event, in which  one of the winning projects  was a collection of demos for Growth Suite! Those demos have since become a powerful way for us to show agency professionals and freelance web designers how our products can improve their day-to-day experiences.

Check out some of these quick tips to keep in mind when building your own product demos, and try out our interactive Growth Suite product demos for some inspiration. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to try Growth Suite for your own web design business or agency!

Provide narrow glimpses into multiple benefits

When your product meets multiple needs, it’s difficult not to bombard your audience with everything all at once. We know this all too well—Growth Suite has multiple features, but we knew that creating a demo which allows users to try all the features at once could be overwhelming, and they might miss something.

To combat this, our team came up with separate demos for each of Growth Suite’s powerful features. You can see each of the individual demos on the main demo page, then click into individualized feature experiences—like service creation—to get a hands-on feel for it.

Drive desire through interaction

Customers want to try things for themselves. While a video can show them what they need to see, allowing your potential customers to actually click around and use a product on their own will be more compelling than watching someone else at the controls. Interactivity lets potential customers see not only how a product works, but how it can work for them.

For example, our Growth Suite client reporting demo gives users the opportunity to create their own client report. Adding their own messaging and brand colors along the way makes the experience more personal for the demo users.

Show why your customers are more successful

Creating a demo will obviously mean creating some faux data to input (after all, you don’t want a real client’s information showing up in a demo that you’ll share to a wide audience). That said, you can still illustrate successful outcomes with the information you’re putting in your demo.

Use fake business names but show great success metrics within your demos to show your potential customers what success looks like with your product. Our client and billing demo allows users to choose from a number of (made-up) clients to invoice. The (also made-up) service tiers are well-structured to show just how easy it can be to start earning more.

Make your customer the hero

Your demos are used to tell the story of your products, but to be successful, they have to tell that story from the perspective of your clients. Show users how your product will relieve a pain point they’re experiencing, and your demos will be much more successful than a simple product overview video would be.

For us, one of the biggest pain points of customers was an inability to identify and update sites in bulk. In our bulk site editing demo, we made sure to show users how easy it can be to identify plugin vulnerabilities, update plugins, and sort through multiple sites. That way, they know exactly how Growth Suite can solve the problems that come with managing multiple sites.

Talk to your customers

Before you can show potential customers why they’d want to buy your product, it’s important to talk to the people who already use and love it. Before creating our own demos, our teams had talked to Growth Suite users who reported that they enjoyed the ability to personalize their dashboard and organize information in a way that makes sense for their needs. 

So, when creating our demo, we made sure our users were able to try that functionality for themselves!

Keep it quick

Your demo video or site should be used to quickly inform potential customers about how your product works or how it benefits them. When that process lasts more than a few minutes, your audience can start to view the product itself as overly complicated—after all, if the demo takes a long time, using the product probably does too, right?

For our Growth Suite demos, we chose an interactive route, so users can spend as much or as little time as they’d like to try out the features. Check out our client management demo to see why fast, uncomplicated demos are so enticing!

Show, don’t tell

Demos are the perfect opportunity to show your customers why you’re so valuable. When it comes to Growth Suite, our interactive demos were built to show agencies and freelancers just how quickly and easily they could be managing their clients and sites—what will the demos you create say about your products?

If you want to spend less time managing sites and clients and more time building assets for your own products or services, Growth Suite can help you save time and improve operations for your agency or freelance business. Try out our product demos to see Growth Suite in action, or talk to a representative about purchasing a plan today!

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