6 alternatives to lorem ipsum

6 alternatives to lorem ipsum

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When a new client chooses to work with you, there are numerous factors that go into their decision to choose your agency over another. One of the most compelling reasons a client will choose your agency is if your brand persona resonates with them and their business.

Making sure that your brand persona is reinforced as often as possible for your customers is vital to creating a lasting impression. Luckily, there are tons of small ways to reinforce your brand personality without making huge changes to your web design process.

One easy way to reinforce your brand is by shaking up your filler copy! When presenting a site mockup to your clients, it’s always preferable to have the final copy in place. Early in the design phase, however, some text fields will likely need to be filled with Lorem Ipsum—and there’s nothing inherently wrong with employing standard filler copy. That said, picking an industry-specific or other unique style of filler text is a simple way to strengthen your brand persona in the eyes of your customers.

Check out these six alternatives to Lorem Ipsum, which will help you create more personalized experiences and show more customers why they should choose your agency or freelance business for their websites!

Corporate Ipsum

When you have high-end corporate clients, your filler text might not be the place to land a lighthearted joke. You can still skip the standard Lorem Ipsum in lieu of something more fitting, though. Corporate Ipsum uses business buzzwords to create filler text that will be amusing to your corporate clients without cheapening the experience of seeing their site mockup.

Office Ipsum

For corporate-type clients who you’ve built solid rapport with—the ones you know enjoy a good chuckle—try Office Ipsum. This text will keep some of the corporate speak, but the word choice is a little edgier for clients who aren’t afraid to poke some fun at themselves for using it.

Zombie Ipsum

When your business has a bolder brand persona, you can afford to make more daring decisions with your filler text. Zombie Ipsum is perfect for agency owners or freelancers with an affinity for the macabre and whose clients will appreciate it.

Cheese Ipsum

Having a lunch meeting to present your mockup? Try Cheese Ipsum! This filler language is silly yet sure to leave your clients hungry for more of your beautifully crafted work in the future!

90s Ipsum

The vast majority of web developers are Millennials, and every once in a while, we all want to relive our childhoods. If you have clients that also fit in the Millennial generation, they’ll think the phrases found in 90s Ipsum’s filler text are truly Da Bomb!

Makesum Ipsum

If none of the above options are the right fit for your brand or customers, you can simply create your own filler text with Makesum Ipsum! Throw in some agency lingo or inside jokes to spice up your filler text in a way that reads truly authentic to your brand.

Make your mockups more amusing

Showing a little more of your personality is a great way to build stronger relationships with your clients and lets them know you’re more than just their web designer—you can be a true partner in their online success!

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