Build a better design process
Justin Kemerling

Justin Kemerling

Justin Kemerling is an independent designer and collaborator living in Omaha. He works with progressive changemakers and do-gooders. Sometimes he writes about design and working with other people.

  • Build a better design process Honing how what I do gets done

    December 10, 2014 by Justin Kemerling

    I’ve been a designer for over ten years. In that time I’ve seen my fair share of design processes. They’ve included any number of things, from apps with my single user account to what amounts to a traffic department orchestrating job pouches between a variety of teams. I’ve Trelloed, Wunderlisted, Google Doced, and TeuxDeuxed. I’ve…

  • Why I wanted to be a designer

    October 2, 2014 by Justin Kemerling

    Earlier this week I received this year’s collection of screenprinted social justice posters from the printer, Screen Ink. Ten designers from the state donated their time and talent to make a poster to help raise money for Nebraska Appleseed, a nonprofit that fights for justice and opportunity for all. This is the fourth year I’ve…

  • Anatomy of a supportive design community

    September 2, 2014 by Justin Kemerling

    Welcome to the city where you live, work, and play. A place you reside for any number of reasons. It’s where you went to college, where you moved for a job, or where you grew up. And now you spend most of your time there designing as you move through life. Overall, you like this…

  • Improve your design skills: Make things with weirdos, not clients

    August 12, 2014 by Justin Kemerling

    A random idea about a guy who drives from inside the city to a remote gravel road where he goes for a quick run. This became The Sprinter, a short film about freedom. A random idea for a website of activist posters for people to download, print, and post up in their community. This became…

  • Hugs and high fives: How to build a better client relationship

    July 11, 2014 by Justin Kemerling

    In my independent practice, I’ve had clients that run the spectrum from inspiring and wonderful to kind of soul-crushing. I’ve had relationships with kindred spirits working together to make a project the best it could be. Those I hold on to. Then there have been those clients akin to after-school detention. You know the ones….

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