7 notebooks for web designers

7 notebooks for web designers

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As a creative, you know how important a notebook can be. There’s just something about having a great place to collect your thoughts that makes you want to sit down, grab a pencil, and get started on your next design. Sure, any old notebook can get the job done. But don’t you want one that really helps improve your brainstorming process and makes you a better designer?

Here are seven notebooks for web designers that we think might just change the way you work.

1. The BASICS Notebook

Designed to simplify your life, The BASICS Notebook is a planner, notebook, sketchbook, whiteboard, and folder all in one! Talk about getting organized. This notebook will help you set goals, track progress, and even encourages weekly positive actions to help keep your creative mind at peace. With The BASICS Notebook, you can easily keep track of meetings with clients, take notes for your next project, and brainstorm your site design, all in one place. Check out their Kickstarter page to get involved early and pre-order The BASICS Notebook today!


2. UX Sketchbook

The UX Sketchbook is perfect for creating mockups and envisioning your site design. Each page looks like a browser window, so you can dream up the perfect vision for your website. The browser is even lined with a grid pattern, so you can easily align elements and accurately size objects. At the bottom of the page, there’s even room to take notes, so it’s easy to track feedback and fully develop your ideas.


3. Web Kit for Web Design

The Web Kit for Web Design is really a powerful notebook for prototyping a site design. When you fully open this notebook, there are three main sections. The left is perfect for taking notes about the project and establishing your plan. Then on the right you have space to doodle and design your site. But the best part? The middle section is full of sticky site elements, so it’s easy to experiment and move things around.


4. Eco Pocket-Sized Notebook

If you’re the kind of designer who finds a lot of inspiration on-the-go, this Eco Pocket-Sized Notebook is perfect for you. Featuring a dotted grid layout, you can easily sit down and sketch no matter where you’re at. And as the name implies, this little notebook is environmentally friendly. It’s made from recycled paper and even has a clever guide to teach you about the type of paper you buy.


5. Code & Quill Origin

If you like to jot down code snippets while you brainstorm, the Code & Quill Origin notebook couldn’t be more perfect. With a very simple design, these notebooks feature grid layouts on the left, lined paper on the right. But the greatest part is their signature Indentation Rule, which places tick marks across the lines to help organize lists, outline notes, or indent code. This notebook will help keep your brainstorming clean and concise.


6. Web Book

This notebook is great for establishing the layout of a site. The Web Book includes space for notes and tasks on the left, and a grid layout on the right. The grid layout is no ordinary dot system, however. It has guides for how many columns you’re looking to work with, so you know exactly how to space elements as you’re designing. This notebook gives you the structure you need to stay organized, but the flexibility required to experiment with layouts.


7. Landscape Webnotebook

If you don’t want a notebook with lots of bells and whistles, the Landscape Webnotebook might be more up your alley. These notebooks are beautifully simple, with only two types of pages: lined or blank. The one special feature here is that they’re horizontal, providing a different type of sketching experience. If you ever feel restricted by the narrowness of some notebooks, you won’t have that problem here.


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  1. Oliver Oliver

    December 2, 2017

    I just stumbled across your post, and I love how much effort you put it.

    I hope it’s not too forward, but we just published perfect custom notebooks for web/ux/responsive... designers.
    There’s a book for that.
    We developed custom notebooks for a variety of users and needs, lovingly thought through and carefully designed.
    Please head over to https://www.abookforthat.com and have a look, we’d love to hear from you and include your thoughts in our work.
    You will love it.
    Best Regards, Oliver

  2. Bipin

    April 12, 2016

    Good review! At last somebody thought about the designers.

  3. Justin Avery

    January 17, 2016

    If you're working with designers and you are having trouble bringing them across to understanding the fundamentals of responsive design then these notebooks will kill two birds with one stone - http://backpocket.co/products/responsive-web-design-notebook-3-pack

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