The top 3 habits you need to break in order to be successful

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Success means different things to different people. When you’re a creative professional or an entrepreneur (or both!), success can feel both unattainable and nebulous at times. That said, it’s still important to define success for yourself so that you can stay motivated for achievement. To do that, one tip is to start by ruling out things that are more detrimental to your workflow than helpful. Here are some of the basic habits I’ve learned to break along the way to keep myself accomplished.

Habit one: Working in a silo

Think of the most successful person you know. For me, my first thought is Beyonce. Even though she appears to be a one-woman show, when you stop and think about her success, you realize that she has a team of probably hundreds that are there to help make her successful.

Just because you may not be the star of the show does not mean that your part isn’t valuable or that you are not successful. There is so much power to be found in working alongside like-minded, goal-hungry individuals. Sometimes your role doesn’t put you at the very top, but front-and-center positioning is not necessarily the key indicator of success.


If the top is what you covet and nothing else will do, it’s equally  important to remember that there is room for many when you get there. If you bring user experience to the table, consider teaming up with someone who is stronger with design (or vice versa). “Amazing things happen if you choose to enjoy the company of others involved in similar projects. ” You can even find strength in cross promoting regularly to achieve optimum success.

Habit two: Working 24/7

I often see messaging that suggests one must work around the clock in order to achieve any level of success. While I agree that hustle and determination is important, “success will be a painful and long journey if you don’t make room for some balance. ” I try my best to get most of my work completed between “normal” business hours like the majority of my peers, however, I do know that creativity can come in full force at night or on weekends, so I honor that. But as a general rule, I make sure to find time to unplug, unwind, and spend time doing something completely opposite of my hustle every single day. Whether that’s walking my dogs, watching trashy television, or going out for dinner, the reset button is an imperative part of getting back to the grind.


Habit three: Having a singular definition of success

Without sounding too cliche, success is a journey. I’m guilty of having only the final destination as my target while forgetting about all the important stops along the way. For example, one might argue that success is determined by having an A-list client or high profile client. However, what about the other peaks along the way? What about getting your first paying client at all? Or selling them on additional projects like an app? Or your work being acknowledged publicly? There are many iterations of success, and steps to it as well. “Being able to see success as a sequence (without getting too far ahead of yourself) is key. ”


Even though it’s hard to define success, it’s easy to think of it as a living, breathing, work in progress. It takes the pressure off and allows you to reach goals at your own pace. What habits have you had to break in order to find success?

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