Why it’s a good idea to take a break sometimes

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employed by an agency, one thing we all have in common is the constant pursuit of creative greatness – also known as hustle. People who identify with being part of the creative industry are prone to working long hours, tend to ruminate on projects, and err on the side of perfectionism with everything they do. All that combined into a career can be exceptionally taxing on the body and, more importantly, the brain.

There are countless anecdotal accounts of creativity happening when people take a break from whatever they are working on. Why? Because stepping away or switching gears can help provide new inspiration, develop untapped passions, and keep your work-life balance in check. Here are a few ways to step back and unwind so that the creative juices can flow more freely.

Study someone else’s work

If you’ve spent your entire day trying to get a logo just right for a new client, press the pause button and peruse other people’s work. Hop on to AdWeek.com or comb through some design boards on Pinterest. Not for help concerning your specific project, but just to sit back and observe another artist. Think of it as an impromptu, at-home, digital museum tour. “Sometimes, admiring other’s work and creativity can help hit the reset button with your own. ”


Do something outside your norm

As a copywriter, there are many times I encounter the infamous writer’s block. One thing that helps me get back in the game is taking a break to do something completely unrelated to my norm. For me, this was volunteering to walk dogs at a local animal shelter. By the time I drove to the shelter, leashed up a dog, and hit the pavement, whatever was causing me frustration at the keyboard was old news. Then when I returned from my philanthropic adventure, I was ready and excited to pick up where I left off.


Have some You-Time

“When you hit a creative wall, get back to the basics with whatever makes you happy. ” For some, this may be running…or it may be running a hot bath. Maybe it’s getting your nails done or going to a driving range. The point is, it’s okay to spoil yourself in moments that you can’t seem to get out of a rut because more often than not, the rut is from grinding a tad too hard and forgetting to take care of yourself at the end of the day.


Use your brain in a different way

Finally, instead of shutting your brain off entirely, retarget your mental energy on a different type of project. For instance, do a crossword puzzle, listen to a podcast, or reorganize your desk or closet. Devoting your intellect to another platform may help you perform stronger on your original task after you divert your energy for a bit.

Need help coming up with something to do? Try these eight creative exercises that will help you re-energize!


There you have it, four ways to conquer creative blocks by taking a break. How do you like to regain your creative forces?

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