Managed Plugin Updates

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Improve your site with Managed WordPress Plugin Updates!

Updating plugins is one of the easiest and best ways to ensure your site is secure and running smoothly! However, we know that managing WordPress plugin updates is time-consuming and distracts from other valuable work that can grow your business. With Flywheel’s Managed Plugin Updates Add-on, you can get back to the work that matters and relax knowing your sites are safe and up-to-date with the help of our WordPress experts—we've got you covered!

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"Out-of-date, vulnerable plugins cause over 50% of WordPress security issues"


Updates you can trust

With our Managed Plugin Updates Add-on, you have one less task to think about. You choose the plugins you want updated each month, and we’ll take it from there! Once the updates are done, we’ll complete a site inspection – if we find any issues, we’ll roll back the updates and contact you, so your site won’t be left in a broken state. You can get back to work and relax knowing your sites are safe and up-to-date!

A more secure site

Security risks from out-of-date plugins can cause major setbacks on your site, leaving you with hours of troubleshooting work and unanswered questions. Good news is, Flywheel has your back! With Managed Plugin Updates, security risks are stopped before they can even happen – rest easy, knowing your sites are running with the latest plugins.

Monthly updates to your site

We’ll update your plugins once a month and once we’re finished, we’ll package up a report so you can know exactly what we did and why we did it.

Managed Plugin Updates

Have peace of mind and check one more thing off your to‑do list

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Why should I use Flywheel’s Managed Plugin Updates vs. something else?

Other tools require manual intervention and management by you. You have to monitor the updates to ensure your sites do not break in the process and roll back as needed. With our Managed Plugin Updates Add-on, we handle all of the management at a price that beats you managing it yourself.

How do I enable Managed Plugin Updates?
  1. Log in to the Flywheel app (or create an account!)
  2. Head to the Add-Ons tab on the top navigation and select “Add-ons”
  3. Select the sites or subscriptions you would like to enable the Add-on for
  4. Select “Add sites”
  5. Preview your billing summary and once you’re ready to go, click “Make Payment”
Is there an option for staging updates?

Absolutely! With our Premium option, we don’t update your plugins on a production environment. Instead, we perform the updates on a staging environment. Once updated, we share the site with you and only push your updates live with your approval. Contact our product specialists to get a custom quote for the premium add-on.

How do Managed Plugin Updates work?

Once you’ve activated Managed Plugin Updates, you’ll receive a welcome email, select which plugins you want updated, and then you’re ready to go! Our team will check-in, let you know when each month the updates will be completed.

We’ll update all of the public WordPress repository plugins that have updates available and premium plugins that have their license keys available in WordPress. Before the update process begins, we’ll verify that your site has a current backup stored on our system. Only then are the updates completed. If any issues are found during the live site update process, we’ll restore the suspect plugin or revert back all changes. The site will never be left down or broken!

How often do you perform the plugin updates?

We update your plugins monthly. 

What happens if my site has an issue after the plugin updates?

We complete a site inspection to ensure that your site is fully operational. If we find any issues with your site, we’ll roll back the updates so the site is back to the previous version. Any errors will be noted and shared in the ticket summary. We won’t leave your site in an errored state.

If you choose our Premium option, we don’t update your plugins in a production environment. Instead, we perform the updates on a staging site. Once updated, we’ll share the site with you and only push your updates live with your approval.

Are there any plugins you don't update?

We do not update any premium plugins that are missing an up-to-date license key in the WordPress admin. We do support Multisite installs with Basic Managed Plugin Updates.