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Exceptional WooCommerce hosting for creative WordPress websites

Flywheel’s powerful platform helps thousands of site owners manage successful online shops

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Focus on your eCommerce store while we focus on your site

Flywheel’s powerful managed hosting platform was built to provide you peace of mind when it comes to running a website. Powered by the Google Cloud Platform and optimized specifically for WordPress (and eCommerce!), our servers will have your WooCommerce shop performing at its best – no plugins or configuring required! We’ll take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on running your store, creating your products, and growing your loyal customer base.

We’ll hand-craft your perfect eCommerce plan

Instead of forcing your site onto a plan that isn’t right, our eCommerce experts will work with you to create a custom package just for your store and make sure you have all the specs you need for ultimate success.

Here’s a little preview of what that might look like!

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Better site performance = better business

A key component of having a site that sells is reliable performance, something that Flywheel excels in! We’re here to make sure your eCommerce site ranks well, loads fast, and earns you the income you deserve!

Flywheel’s features & platform

Everything you need to grow your eCommerce site with ease!

Fast load times & reliable performance

Also known as better SEO, better user experience, and in turn – a better chance at converting every site visitor to a customer. Beyond our impressive infrastructure, our custom caching technology, FlyCache, automatically applies WooCommerce exclusions so your site will be super fast while still allowing customers to do normal eCommerce things, like add products to their cart and check out.

A platform that scales with every sale

We use auto-healing and redundant container technology (powered by the Google Cloud Platform) to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between. Paired with our free CDN (powered by Fastly), we’ll make sure every single pageview is served to your site visitors. And if you exceed your plan’s limits, no worries – we’ll never shut off your site just for being successful!

Built-in security, for you & your customers

Our servers are optimized for WordPress to minimize security risks and can automatically update versions so you’re always running the latest (and most secure) WordPress software. Plus with features like automated nightly backups (with the option to one-click restore) and free SSL certificates that meet PCI standards, you can rest easy knowing your eCommerce site is safe and secure on Flywheel.

Support engineer Support chat
Real help from real humans, 24/7/365

No matter where you’re at in the Flywheel app, you’ll be able to access our friendly real-time support team with a single click. You can chat with a helpful human, follow along with in-depth documentation, and find all the answers you need in one place. Our team of technical WordPress experts aren’t just here to clear out a queue – they’re here to support you and your livelihood.

Flywheel + WooCommerce
The perfect eCommerce pair

We’ve worked with thousands of shop owners managing eCommerce sites to make sure WooCommerce runs like a total dream on Flywheel! From custom-tuned caching settings to additional PHP resources, our platform has everything you need to confidently manage your store. And if you do need help, our team of WordPress experts is well-versed in the ways of WooCommerce!

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As many of the answers as we could compile!


Our infrastructure is superior in many, many ways. It offers better scalability for all of our customers, and no sites share resources! Plus, the entire thing is tuned specifically for WordPress, so you’ll be able to deliver a digital eCommerce experience unlike any other.


Yes, most likely! We’ve spent years architecting the Flywheel Cloud Platform to be the speediest option available for WordPress sites. In fact, we’re more than happy to move a copy of your site to Flywheel (free of charge!) so you can compare it with your current host. If you’re thrilled with the performance, then we can help you build the perfect eCommerce plan!


Absolutely! We know how painful it can be to move a WordPress site from one server to another, and that’s why we help our customers move all their sites – for free! No fine print, no exclusions. We can typically get this completed for you to look at within 24 – 48 hours.


We do, $1 per 1,000 extra monthly visitors and $1 for every GB over your storage limit. We want to support the growth of your site, so instead of throttling or shutting it off, we charge these overages based on traffic and storage. If it becomes a consistent thing, we can work with you to make sure you’re on the best plan for your site! You can read more about our overage policy here.