3 reasons managed WordPress hosting is perfect for your business
12 creative ideas to escape designer’s block
How to combine Flexbox and CSS grids for efficient layouts
  • 3 reasons managed WordPress hosting is perfect for your business

    August 18, 2017 by Morgan Ryan

    Managed WordPress hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting…the list of hosting options goes on and on. And if you’re brand new to the hosting sphere, it can be a little overwhelming at first. After all, you’ll want to know that your site will be safe and secure so hackers can’t mess things up. You’ll want the…

  • 12 creative ideas to escape designer’s block

    August 17, 2017 by Britt Pollock

    Some days are brilliant and oh so inspired. Other days, it’s like creativity could hit you over the head and you still can’t seem to come up with any good ideas. Even though creative blocks are a normal occurrence, it can be extremely frustrating for designers, developers, and any type of creative to run into….

  • How to combine Flexbox and CSS grids for efficient layouts

    August 15, 2017 by Abbey Fitzgerald

    In the past, CSS float properties were one of the main methods for arranging elements on a website. And if you’ve ever worked that way, you know that it’s not always ideal for complex layouts. Luckily in the modern era of web design, aligning elements has become much more streamlined thanks to Flexbox and CSS…

  • 9 tips for staying organized and successfully managing a creative project

    August 10, 2017 by Joanne Amos

    Anybody who works in a creative industry knows only too well that creativity flourishes on flexibility. Creative teams blossom when they have the freedom to play, experiment, and explore new ideas. To push boundaries and test the limits. This can cause a headache for project managers of creative teams, whose job it is to keep…

  • How to do a basic accessibility audit

    August 9, 2017 by Adam Soucie

    So you’ve been learning a lot about accessibility lately, but now you want to check your site yourself and see where you need to improve. How do you go about doing that? It’s time for an accessibility audit! In this tutorial, I’ll show you the ropes on a basic accessibility audit that will get you…

  • How to use content to promote your design business

    August 8, 2017 by Ashley Gainer

    When you’re running a web design business, one of the many hats you need to wear as CEO is that of Chief Marketing Officer. And if you’re going to be a CMO worth your salt, you need to get knowledgeable about a little thing we call content marketing. Content marketing, as defined (very nicely) by…

  • 10 ways to stay positive as a creative professional

    August 7, 2017 by Britt Pollock

    Let’s face it — working in the creative industry is challenging. Whether you run a freelance business or work for an agency, there are a lot of non-creative things to keep track of (budgets, processes, client relationships) while also trying to stay newly inspired and constantly creative. And when you’re juggling so many different types of…

  • 6 tips for establishing competitive pricing

    August 3, 2017 by Ashley Gainer

    When you’re in the web design business — whether it’s for yourself or as an agency — competitive pricing is a critical element of your success. Yes, your skills matter. Yes, your portfolio matters. Yes, your ability to “sell” matters. But if your prices aren’t where they should be, it won’t matter one iota how great the…

  • 12 side business ideas to help increase your income

    August 1, 2017 by Igor Ovsyannykov

    If you’re a web or graphic designer, you know how fickle your job is, especially if you work as a freelancer. This month you could be drowning from work opportunities, just trying to figure out which projects to accept. But next month, you may have to deal with absolute silence, begging for work to come…

  • How to make animated screenshots of design work for your portfolio

    July 31, 2017 by Abbey Fitzgerald

    After your latest web design is done and you’re ready to add the project to your portfolio, it’s time to show it off. Your website visitors (and prospective clients!) will want to see the awesome website or application in action. Great imagery is key, and in the digital space, there will be times when you…

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