How to prep your WordPress site for the holiday rush
2017 Black Friday deals for web designers
The ultimate guide to local WordPress development
  • How to prep your WordPress site for the holiday rush

    November 21, 2017 by Britt Pollock

    The holidays are right around the corner, and there are a million things to do. You’ve already been planning your sale and prepping your stock. Before you start making your list and checking it twice, don’t forget to prep your website! I’m going to cover the details to help prepare your website for the booming…

  • 2017 Black Friday deals for web designers

    November 17, 2017 by Ashley Anderson

    Who doesn’t love a good discount, right? And with Black Friday right around the corner, there are some incredible deals out there for web designers that you won’t want to miss. From themes and plugins to tangible goods, you can find deals on just about anything this year. To help you prepare for this weekend of…

  • The ultimate guide to local WordPress development

    November 15, 2017 by Britt Pollock

    Developing WordPress sites locally is easily the most efficient way to build websites. This method offers a vast amount of advantages over cowboy coding (editing live servers) and it’s free to implement, as long as you’re using the right tools. If you’re new to developing websites or just used to editing live, local WordPress development…

  • The best ways to invest your money to grow your freelance business

    November 14, 2017 by Lisa Tanner

    Remember the old idiom, it takes money to make money? Well, to a certain extent it’s true! If you want to grow your design business, you’re going to have to invest in it. But, how much should you be spending? And what should you be spending money on? While there’s no magic number or a…

  • 4 new income streams to diversify your freelance revenue

    November 7, 2017 by Brittany Berger

    Freelancing can provide lots of freedom, but not so much stability. It’s kind of a universally accepted trade-off. In exchange for choosing your own work, setting your own schedule, and other perks, you also have to deal with occasional dry spells, emergencies that throw off your timelines, and losing clients. Stuff like that will come…

  • 5 financial tips every freelance designer should follow

    October 31, 2017 by Ashley Gainer

    When you’re a freelancer, you’re the President and CEO of You, Inc. You make all the decisions, set the strategies, put systems in place, accept clients, do the marketing, and more. You’re also the bean-counter. That puts you in charge of keeping track of income and expenses, setting financial goals, and getting the business on…

  • How to perform a comprehensive SEO audit

    October 26, 2017 by Kathryn Marr

    Let’s face it: SEO can be overwhelming. From responsiveness and speed to meta descriptions, titles, link building, and more, the list of things to worry about seems to go on and on! But it’s definitely worth the time investment. Why? Because great search engine optimization can mean an increase in traffic to your website that…

  • 5 ways to build recurring revenue into your freelance business

    October 25, 2017 by Brittany Berger

    If there’s one thing that’s frustrating about running a freelance business, it’s the unpredictable income. Oh, the unpredictable income. You can fall into cycles of feast and famine, going between booked out for months and scrambling for last-minute work. Which then leads to switching between brainstorming ways to scale up your business and nervously browsing…

  • How to hire your first design assistant (and know when you’re ready)

    October 19, 2017 by Ashley Gainer

    Business is booming. You’re feeling busy, in a good way. Or maybe you’re feeling a little too busy! This is great — it means you’re doing well. Now you’ve got a choice to make: cut back on the client load, or bring on an assistant. Cutting back on your client load is certainly a valid…

  • How to use Git and Flywheel together

    October 16, 2017 by Lee Blue

    If you’re building WordPress plugins or themes, you probably keep your code in Git on either GitHub or BitBucket. Flywheel servers, however, don’t have Git installed. But, fear not! There are a couple really nice ways to deploy your code from Git to your WordPress website hosted by Flywheel. There’s a nice overview on how…

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