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Nicholas Peterson, freelancer and founder of Less Is

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Freelancing involves a lot of moving pieces. That's why we created a simple managed WordPress hosting platform that makes it a breeze to build sites, collaborate with clients, and seamlessly offload the finished product, all from the same place.

Start working right away
with a free demo site

Whether you create a brand new site or let us migrate one for you (a free service!), we’ll start it off on a demo server, so you can start working right away with a zero dollar investment. Once it’s ready to go live, you can either pay on your own or transfer billing and ownership to your client!

Create site templates with
your favorite themes and plugins

If you find yourself installing the same theme or plugins on client sites, make a Blueprint of it! This lets you whip up a brand new site with the settings you love already set up. That’s right – no more installing everything one-by-one. It’s the easiest way to speed up development!

Easily collaborate with
anyone and everyone

No matter who you’re working with, you can easily add them as a Collaborator to manage the site, edit files, and update the database. They’ll have their own individual login (for both the Flywheel dashboard and SFTP!), so you can ditch the password spreadsheet and quickly collaborate!

Transfer billing to your clients (and never invoice for hosting again!)

When it’s time to go live, you can easily pass off ownership to your client, allowing them to pay the bill without having to go through you. Plus, you’ll automatically become a Collaborator on the site, meaning you’ll still have full access, minus the cost.

Make stress-free site changes with a staging environment

We get it – no matter how many times you review a site design with clients, sometimes changes happen after everything’s live. With our Staging feature, you can safely make site updates in a sandbox environment and push changes to production with a single click. It’ll truly be the easiest update process you and your client have ever experienced!

Ready to experience Flywheel's platform for yourself and spin up a site in 60 seconds!

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Real help from real humans

The way support was meant to be!

Our team of friendly WordPress experts is just a single click away! We’ve crafted an exclusive support experience that’s easy to access any time of the day or night. You can chat with a helpful human, follow along with in-depth documentation, and find all the answers you need in one place!

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We've simplified workflows for thousands of creatives

Here are a few reasons they love the Flywheel hosting platform!

I moved my site to Flywheel. My page speed was cut in HALF. Seriously, invest in good hosting. It’s worth it.
- John Locke, Lockedown Design
Migrating a bunch of sites to Flywheel this morning. By that, I mean going for a hike while they do everything for me.
- Megan Gray, House of Grays
Flywheel is as good as advertised. I can stop worrying and focus on what I’m great at.
- Brian Goldstein, Brian Kapp Goldstein

Consolidate your clients to a single platform

Teach them why Flywheel is right for their business!

We’ve all been there – you’ve found a service that makes your life SO much simpler, and your clients just won’t buy it. So we whipped up a free guide and quick one-sheet all about the value of Flywheel that you can use to convince them this is the right move for their business!

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Get all of the above on top of a powerful WordPress hosting platform

Plans starting at $15/month!

Premium WordPress performance

Blazing fast speeds

Get impressive load time on every site. No configuring needed!

Servers around the world

Choose the data center closest to you (or your site visitors!)

Optimized for WordPress

Our servers are tailored for our favorite platform: WordPress!

CDN (for an extra boost)

Easily add a CDN and watch your site speed fly, all around the world!

Security and stability

Free SSL certificates

Skip third-party providers and install 'em right from our dashboard!

Nightly site backups

Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed up every single night.

Easy SFTP access

We've simplified SFTP while keeping your site's data extra secure.

Hacker-free security

And if your site does get hacked, we'll clean it up for free!

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