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Lozier - a Flywheel enterprise client

Meet Lozier! - A Flywheel enterprise client

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Our platform was designed to help your marketing team act quickly and efficiently

We believe your hosting provider should act as a rock-solid partner to help your in-house team achieve your goals. That’s why we created a powerful managed WordPress hosting platform that enables you to reliably scale your most mission-critical websites without a worry in the world...but we didn’t stop there. Our enterprise products and services are custom-built to provide in-house marketing teams with the independence, agility, and support they need to create their best work on the WordPress platform.

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The world’s most secure WordPress platform

Our hosting infrastructure (powered by Google Cloud!) offers a fully redundant environment with industry-leading security practices for a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. We’ll make sure your site is served up reliably for every single request, no matter how viral your marketing efforts go.

Workflow tools that work for the whole team

We’ve created a seamless workflow that allows stakeholders on your team to easily collaborate on, build, and launch WordPress projects. From end-to-end development to simple site updates, our platform supports your team every step of the way with powerful software solutions (no IT requests required)!

Personalized services and priority support (a Flywheel exclusive!)

We’re the only hosting platform that offers priority support, professional services, and ongoing technical account management to proactively assist you through every stage of a project. You’ll have a dedicated In-House Account Manager and access to our entire team of WordPress experts to help you replatform, relaunch, and refresh your sites.

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Prior to Flywheel, Lozier was hosting their corporate website internally; that responsibility, coupled with all of the other database and services and storage equipment, was causing a huge headache for both the marketing and IT teams.

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Customize your plan with Flywheel services

We offer technical and process expertise to help maximize your team’s goals

Our dedicated Account Managers serve as an extension of your in-house team, proactively handling the relationship between Flywheel’s world-class WordPress platform and your ever-evolving business requirements. Whether it’s managing plugins, auditing performance, 15-minute support response times, or company-wide onboarding, we offer services that’ll make it easier than ever to work on the WordPress platform.