The Business of Web Design: The 2020 Report

The business of web design: The 2020 report

A report filled with insights from over 1,000 leading freelancers and agencies about the best ways to bill your clients, package your services, and scale a creative web design business.


Dig a little deeper into your competitors’ web design business

We know there are a million ways to operate a web design business, but now we know exactly how creatives are doing (and getting paid for) their best work!

This year, we conducted a survey to learn more about the best ways to build websites, structure client services, and get paid (in full!) on time. From there we crunched the numbers, dug into the insights, and packaged up this beautiful report!

Get answers to your questions about:

  • How web designers are building websites
  • What services they’re selling
  • How they operate their businesses
  • ...and so much more!

After reading our report, you’ll be able to strategize new tactics for running your business and set actionable goals to scale it!

Some insights we found in our data:

44% of web designers don’t feel like they charge enough for their services.

80% of web design professionals offer maintenance packages.

93% of web design professionals find new clients through referrals.

Less than 40% of web design businesses earn money from retainer-based work.

The Business of Web Design: The 2020 Report

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