Why Chris Coyier chooses Local and Flywheel to power his websites

With over 1 million visits a month, see why he chose Flywheel!

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Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier is a front-end web developer, entrepreneur, and innovator. He’s the creator of CSS-Tricks, co-founder of CodePen, and the co-host of his podcast, ShopTalk Show.

Chris Coyier
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 One of my favorite things about Flywheel is that they’ll move sites for you. I’m a developer, I could get it done, but if I could get it done better, you better believe I’m going to take advantage of that.

CSS-Tricks, CodePen’s blog, and ShopTalk Show invite front-end developers from around the world to learn, create, and discuss everything that’s happening in front-end development. Together, these pages receive a million visits each and every month, meaning Chris’ livelihood relies on rock-solid hosting and simple local development!

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Chris Coyier on Flywheel

Features that save time and provide peace of mind

While Local and Flywheel help run Chris’s businesses smoothly, he has a few favorite features that allow him more time to do his best work.

Local development that just works

Whether it’s making quick edits to his site at lightning speed, matching production based on the site he’s working on, or securing his sites with local SSL, Local has everything Chris needs to run local WordPress sites.

Chris Coyier using Local
Chris Coyier working on Shop Talk site
Powerful hosting for powerful sites

To Chris (and so many other developers), security is super important. He doesn’t want to lose sleep at night wondering if his site will be hacked, so he trusts Flywheel to handle all the technical pieces like monitoring for malware and potential vulnerabilities.

Expertly handled migrations (for free!)

Each of Chris’s sites were moved to Flywheel with care by one of our Migrations Experts at absolutely no extra cost. He relies on us to do the heavy lifting because he knows we will get it done right, every single time.

Flywheel support
Flywheel dashboard
A delightfully-designed dashboard

Whether Chris needs to access his traffic information, toggle on SSL, or download one of his nightly backups, everything he needs is right at his fingertips in our dashboard. According to Chris, it’s all the stuff that actually matters to a developer.

 It’s a breath of fresh air to log into Flywheel. It has a very modern look and feel to it. Having this beautiful, simple, way to manage your website is great.

The results: sites that run faster and more efficiently

CSS-Tricks is running more efficiently than ever before due to its well-built and optimized front-end experience (great job, Chris!) and Flywheel’s powerful hosting platform and streamlined solutions.

CSS Tricks & Performance Insights
Perfectly packaged Performance Insights

Our Performance Insights Add-on provides Chris with clarity and confidence when it comes to how well his sites are running on Flywheel. He’s become more proactive than ever because our tool provides him with what he should be looking out for every single month.

Performance Insights
Performance Insights
Performance Insights

Want to use the same workflow as Chris?

Chris builds his sites on Local, launches them on Flywheel, and monitors them with our powerful Performance Insights Add-on to save himself from hours of time and stress!

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