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We've created the hosting platform of your dreams!

Underneath our well-designed dashboard, there’s a lot of technical stuff happening to keep your WordPress sites fast, secure, and running smoothly. Over the last few years, we’ve put a lot into building the next era of WordPress hosting. We’ve upgraded the infrastructure, fine-tuned the architecture, and formed a rock-solid partnership with Google Cloud to create a new powerhouse platform that is more scalable, more resilient, and faster than ever.

We couldn't possibly be more thrilled to provide you with the best managed WordPress hosting experience in the world: Flywheel's Cloud Platform!

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Google Cloud Platform

We've partnered with GCP to provide enterprise-grade infrastructure for every one of our customers!

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It's managed WordPress hosting, reinvented!


As many of the answers as we could compile!

So, is this "shared hosting"!?

Flywheel’s Cloud Platform is not shared hosting! The IP addresses (load balancers) are shared, but each WordPress site has its own resources. (This means that even Freelance or Agency plan sites won’t share resources!)

Will my site be better/faster/stronger?

Your site will likely be noticeably faster due to upgraded PHP, our FlyCache technology, and our totally rebuilt infrastructure that leverages Google Cloud’s global network. Our uptime on the Cloud Platform is also incredible due to auto-healing technology (you’re lookin’ at 99.9%)!

How does Flywheel's cloud platform differ from other hosts who use GCP?

Our infrastructure is superior in many, many ways. It offers better scalability for all of our customers, and no sites share resources! Plus, the entire thing is tuned specifically for WordPress, so you’ll be able to deliver a digital experience unlike any other.