A brief overview of what you can expect to learn throughout the entire course and an introduction from Nicholas, a freelance web designer and Flywheel’s Art Director!


Pricing structures and their benefits

Nicholas will share the pros and cons of the three most popular pricing strategies for web designers: hourly, per project, and retainers (plus what his personal favorite is!). For web designers that understand those pricing models and are looking to calculate what they should be charging, feel free to skip to the next video!


Picking a pricing strategy and putting a price to it

Nicholas will walk through the six different factors to consider before choosing the best pricing strategy and show you how to calculate your hourly rate, how to set your per project and retainer prices, and even walk you through creating these pre-packed bundles.



Free worksheets to help you compare what you could be making
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All the additional administrative things you should bill your clients for

Nicholas will dive into the additional things that web designers should be charging their clients for such as scope creep, meetings, emails, research, and he’ll share his preference for charging for these services.


When to give yourself a raise and how to announce new pricing

Nicholas will talk about when you should consider adjusting your pricing and when to give yourself a raise, and he’ll end with a few tips on how to announce new pricing to new and existing clients.

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