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A reliable WordPress partner Red Branch Media can trust

Red Branch Media

Red Branch Media is a full-service digital marketing agency in Nebraska, with a primary focus on human resources and recruiting technology. They pride themselves on their excellent client relationships, built completely on trust, and their top-of-the-line work.

Needed an excellent partner to take care of their client sites

When Red Branch first started building websites, they hosted the sites themselves. While this helped them save money, it wasn’t the best solution. Those sites were infected and in turn, infected a ton of other sites. After days and days of cleaning up, the team realized it was just not worth their time. That’s when they started the search for a trustworthy WordPress hosting partner.

"I found Flywheel through an online developer forum, they were discussing different reliable hosting options and Flywheel’s name kept coming up," said Jeremy Hogan, Co-owner of Red Branch Media.

Easy-to-use, innovative tools that just make sense

Hogan and the team love all the Flywheel tools and products, but their favorite one is Local, a free development tool to develop sites locally. They love that with Local, everything about the process is easy, from making a new install to navigating the user interface. And in the rare instances when they have an issue, the Flywheel team is there to answer any questions in real time, so they can get back to building, launching, and managing their client’s sites.

Peace of mind knowing Flywheel has their back

When Hogan and the rest of the Red Branch Media team think of Flywheel, they think of dependability, speed, and innovation. “Flywheel saves the day in that it saves a number of hours in my day, and really what we look for in a valued partner is honestly offloading headaches. The less I have to worry about, the more valuable the partner is.” He knows that Flywheel can handle any situation. “It’s really a team effort and it really does feel like a partnership.”

"Flywheel was built from the ground up to host WordPress sites. It’s what they do, and they do it very, very well. They don’t ever rest on their laurels. They’re always pushing to make things better for their customers, and better for the web in general."

Get started

Ready to see what Flywheel can do for you? Sign up for free and take a look around our app. Plans start at just $13/mo, and we'll even move your sites for free!