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How to handle your client’s money

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How to handle your client’s money

What's included
  • Tips to manage your client’s money at scale
  • Ways to reduce your payments task list
  • Resources to help maintain your billing processes
  • Best practices to organize all your client’s details
  • How to save yourself time and money
  • Simplified, hands-off solutions for bill payment

So you’ve just landed a new client — congrats! But now it’s time to figure out how (and who) is taking care of the bill. You have some options, but they usually include some combination of handling your client’s sensitive information, making sure your price covers all the expenses, keeping a schedule, clearly communicating all this with your clients…and the list goes on.

There has to be a better way to clear up your billing to-do list, right? You bet there is (and the simplest solution might surprise you)! While there’s a lot of pressure and liability when it comes to managing other people’s hard-earned cash, this ebook will help you discover the hands-off way to handle your client’s money and how to save a little more for yourself, too!

Whether you need a way to keep track of sensitive information or just want a better way to budget, we’ll cover tips and resources to keep you on top of the money management game.

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