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The art of reselling hosting

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The art of reselling hosting

What's included
  • What it means to resell web hosting
  • All the glorious reasons why you should be a reseller
  • What it costs to add this to your services (and how much you can make from it!)
  • A step-by-step guide to actually becoming a hosting reseller (including how to set margins, package up your services, provide support, and automate billing)
  • Other value-added services you can bundle with reselling
  • A sweet lil' offer to get you started!

Whether you’re trying to make ends meet, looking to make the leap into full-time, or you’re just looking to scale your business dramatically, there is an incredibly simple add-on that you can tack on to your client services. It’s easy to set up, virtually hands-free, and allows you to set your own prices (and therefore, profit margins). It may sound like a magical unicorn, and actually, it kind of is. It’s the art of reselling hosting.

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