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The most delightfully designed way to build a WordPress site

When you pair the most popular WordPress theme in the world with our powerful cloud platform, you will spend less time than ever before worrying about your site, and more time designing beautiful websites with Divi, the ultimate WordPress page builder!

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Why Flywheel and Divi are the perfect pair for your WordPress workflow

Flywheel takes care of all the technical aspects of operating a WordPress website so you can focus on your creative work! Our intuitive dashboard is also custom-built to enhance your workflow, making it easy to manage your sites, collaborate with coworkers and clients, and grow your business. And it’s all backed by a support team staffed with WordPress experts, 24 hours a day!

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Invite team members to work on projects without sharing passwords or creating multiple logins ever again.

Billing transfer

Say goodbye to clunky checkout processes with the easiest, breeziest way to have your client pay their hosting bill!

Blazing-fast site speed

Get impressive load time on every site, backed by the Google Cloud Platform. No configuring needed!

Nightly backups

Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed up every single night, with the option of a one-click restore.

Dream up dozens of sites with the most powerful design tool for WordPress

With Divi, you can build, design, and customize your WordPress sites to be as smart, flexible, and visual as you want them to be. It’s so much more than just a WordPress theme; it’s a completely new website building platform that can be enjoyed by design pros and newbies alike, giving you the power to create stunning designs with surprising ease and efficiency.

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Unlimited use

A single subscription gets you unlimited use of Divi's themes and plugins. You can use it on unlimited client sites, too!

Constant updates

When you use Divi, you can rest easy knowing that they’re always working hard to keep their product updated and secure.

Simple pricing

One subscription, one fee, no strings attached when you purchase Divi. You’ll have everything you need to power your agency.

24/7 Premium support

Divi takes great pride in the level of support they provide. The Divi team is available 24/7, typically responding in less than an hour and often available for live chat.

Divi and Flywheel are the main tools that have allowed me to build a successful business around what I love to do, without compromising on those aspects that are out of my expertise. They both help me do my best work by optimising my process and allowing me to provide premium services to my clients.

Maribel Aburto


Getting started with Flywheel and Divi is a total breeze

Buying Flywheel and Divi together is as easy as a click of a button! Once you purchase Divi and select Flywheel as your preferred hosting partner, you’ll be ready to start building gorgeous WordPress websites.

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As many of the answers as we could compile!


Nope! Flywheel and Elegant Themes are two different companies with two different products. You have the luxury to choose whichever theme company works best for you, we just recommend you work with them, as our products work in tandem with one another.

If you do choose Flywheel and Divi, you’ll spend less than $250 per year! We may be biased, but that’s a pretty sweet deal.



While we’re jealous that you knew about how great Flywheel and Divi worked together before it was cool, there is currently no discount for new or existing users who use Flywheel and Divi.


Currently, the only way to buy them together as a package is to start on Divi and then add Flywheel as your preferred host during the checkout process.

What Divi-optimized site settings will I have?
Divi partner customers have access to additional CPU resources to ensure speedy importing of your Divi theme and snappy uncached traffic. We’ve also optimized PHP timeouts so your longer running imports will still complete successfully.Here are the minimum settings for Divi that we meet or exceed:
  • PHP 7.0+
  • MYSQL 5.6+
  • Memory limit of 128+ MB
  • WordPress 4.8+